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Did they like the oranges?


I think my hair color is finally coming back. It's still rather pale, the right light, it looks like it's returning to the pink it was before. It's still too early to say for sure, but it would be.....funny? comforting? ironic? for something to be the same, after everything.

Otherwise, it's the usual--getting involved where I don't need to be, but where someone is needed. Este still thinks it's the stupidest trait I have, though he doesn't say as much.

I've been focusing on La Noscea these days--on the Sahagin that want coexistence, and the Kobolds that.....can't be arsed to fight, honestly. Neither will be trouble in the long run, but they need some help getting on their feet.

The Scarlet Sea Devil though......a tale like that shines quite the light of hope for the future. It's a shame it's not more known, but it would put Novv's clutch in danger, so I understand. Not everyone can bury the spear, after all.'s not important or anything, but.....they have really nice coloring.

I still don't know if that would be a compliment or fighting words, though, so I won't say anything directly. Then again, it's not a common comment to make among shorewalkers, either. I mean, "hello, I like your skin and eyes" would be a bizarre greeting.

On second thought, we romanticize eyes, don't we? Or rather.....let's not get into this. The sandworm hole is a little too deep on this one.

But in the future.....I'd hope we have mutual understanding of such things.

It seems likely, at least--between the oranges they got a while back as a reward, and their efforts to personally return stolen goods, despite the risks.....

The bridge is mostly one-sided, but it's being built regardless. And with the budding resemblance to the Ondo, I can't help but think it'll be rather sturdy once completed.

The Kobolds on the other hand.....

I mean, the Maelstrom can walk into the 789th Order's Dig with no resistance. None. It takes more effort to get them to come out of hiding, despite how many explosives they have.

Well.....maybe not Ba Go. Even the higher ranking orders know not to mess with that one.

Honestly, I can't help but think there's a more....robust? reason for the lack of motivation among the 789th, but that might be giving them too much credit. But they've been key in undermining the more aggressive orders, and that makes for a decent enough foundation for a relationship with Maelstrom.

But that will take time, and I have the suspicion I don't have many of these idle days left.
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