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Deuterocanonical Prince Lorian 2:6-9

Now a reading of the gospel according to Prince Lorian
From the deuterocanonical codex belonging to the Nizican Sisters in Mor Dhona.

Chapter 2

6. Whilst Her Avengers didst fall, t'was Mighty Aeolus' death cry that split
the sky a twain.
7*. Thus Fear didst rake her Thorns across theirs hearts; their sacrilege
would be punished!
8. Thus the Last Avenger, didst abscond into the night with the new
Incarnate fore
9. Swathe in delicate flesh, didst hinge the fate of the world.

A Reading of the gospel of Prince Lorian

*Verse 7 does not appear in canonical codices, manuscripts or scrolls. Only appearing in copies belonging to the Sisters of Nizican.
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