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Return to Eorzea

Well Khai has returned to Eorzea and is completely overwhelmed again...

I had just started to get the feel of things; had a retainer; had a free company of friendly, fun, strange and quirky associates; was a competent White Mage (level 69) and had gotten my Machinist through Stormblood...
However, life long gaming buddies dragged me back to WoW; they needed my heals.

However, WoW simply does not give a damn about their players so I found myself enticed to return. Opening the game I was instantly overwhelmed again.

My bags were full of materials; I have no idea what to do with them.
My armory full of suits of half started characters.
The buttons; OMG the number of buttons and macros I created for my White Mage!!!!

What is a man to do? Do I try to pick up the story arch and dive into Shadowbringers...?
Crap I cannot even think of trying to heal... and my machinist is just as overwhelming.. with 3 rows of buttons.

Nope... I think I'll just start a tank and take it slow...

So now I have a Paladin and have been figuring out my rotation; how to keep aggro and the basis of dungeons again...

I am literally dreading the responsibility of raids...

I don't remember paths through anything. I don't remember mechanics for certain fights... and yes I imagine some content we can just blitz through... but I want to "know my class." I always have.

Gah... I need an new FC to help me through the ropes again... but the FC finder in game is woefully lacking both in selection and usage. Perhaps I'll try the forums.

I'm a middle age gamer; retired military; and just simply don't mesh with the under 25 crowd that games any more.

I just want to have fun; enjoy my game; joke with my buddies; and leave drama and ego at the doorstep.

So here's to hoping...

I'll update on the search and how it goes..
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