Kirstie Eveningstar

Goblin (Crystal)

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Back to Hyur I think :)


(Image taken from the benchmark)

I think I'll change back to Hyur. I was a Viera for a while, but I'm not sure its the best fit for me. I miss being a human oddly enough xD I've been one (Hume) since FFXI in 2004/2005, so a long time! That's 14-15yrs :o So long! It doesn't feel like that long ago though. How time flies huh? :)
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Serena Sable

Spriggan (Chaos)

Hume was the first race I chose in FFXI back '04, though things would happen and I would have to restart as a taru for the next 12 years. Would have changed back, had it been a option that didn't require making a new character. That said, I've changed from lala back to hyur XD, so yeeeSSSssss change back.

Ronove Solomon

Faerie (Aether)

Hyur for life
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