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My Past, The Present, and Joining the Best FC

Hey guys! Yesterday, I was feeling somehow down. I'm not sure how and why, but I was having a little breakdown. While I was online, I was trying to make a character on a World Server name Cactuar. The reason was that Cactuar used to be the world server that had my old character named Aoi Shimo. Man, Aoi Shimo. That's a name from a distant past that I recalled.

While in Cactuar years ago, I've met so many people who were in that world. Especially two special friends named Noodle Boy and Noodle Girl. These two were actually a married couple and I used to have fun hanging out with these two! I recall a memory when Noodle Boy had made some armor for me for a specific dungeon that I would get so frustrated on. He gave that armor to me and since then, I thought that he was my best friend alongside Noodle Girl. After that, I can remember times when I used to run dungeons with these two, having a blast of a time chatting and even hanging out at their FC house.

That was about 6 or 7 years ago that I can recall a memory like that and it's real because I swore that I used to see them around since I played this game like 6-7 years ago when it launched. Well, it's already the present and since Cactuar was opened to making characters, I made a character named Asian Nut and hoped on the world. I skipped the introductions and afterwards went to the Player search bar to type in their names.

Unfortunately, none of their names popped up! I swore that I saw Noodly Boy in the player search when I was at the FF14 website. In the world, there was no trace of them. Even Noodle Girl though I found her character information in the website but still no trace of her in Cactuar either.

After that, I started to cry a bit. I wanted to say hello again because of that time I left the game without them knowing about it! It was heartbreaking to the point that I needed to express how I felt with someone. So, I went back to the character I was playing in Famfrit (Azureal Lars) and I spoke with my FC.

I was hesitant at first to open up my feelings, but I decided to give it a go. I told my FC the story about why I wanted to play this game again. Not only that I wanted to play this game to relive the things that I have forgotten, but I wanted to reconnect with old FC members that I've used to play with. Currently, six months into the game and I still wasn't able to reconnect with my old friends. When I opened up my feelings to an FC that I have never known much about for a day, the FC was moved from the story that I expressed to them. They told me that they had similar experiences and they felt sad that I never got to say hello again to my original FC mates. Then, they decided to promote me up a rank and told me "Don't worry Azureal! We'll be the best of friends ever!" and I literally started to tear up. It was amazing to be in an FC such as theirs! I've never had people who cared so much for me since I would always run into people that seem a bit mean.

So that concludes the whole experience I've had yesterday at like 2:00 in the morning. It was a blast yesterday that I've got to connect with the FC for the first time in like years. To anyone who reads this, don't be shy to express your sadness with other people! There are people out there who care for you and that can be the best of friends for you! Don't ever let go of them as I have done in the past.
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