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Making Gil Without Being Endgame DoL/H

The simple answer to this is to be a crafter, gatherer or both! But what if you're not? What if you have a gatherer but you don't have all the folklore tomes? Or you're a crafter but cant afford mats all the time and you don't have the master recipes? Or any combination of things really.

Well, I want to share how I used to make gil and how I bought my house in game without being a gatherer and without being a crafter.

Now, it goes without saying that getting gil can be a bit of pain if you are not a crafter but luckily this game gives you tons of ways to make it! Here is a list of some of the best! Just keep in mind that this all takes time and patience, but with a little grind you can do it!

1) Sell your old gear
Check the going rate of what it's worth and throw it on the MB. Some of the 50-80 stuff is still worth a decent penny! Unfortunately your lower level gear, unless it's used in leves, may not go for to much, but if you're okay taking a hit just throw it on the MB and be done with it.

2) MSQ, Side Quests and Job Quests
This one goes without saying, but you can make a decent amount if you just do the quests as they come up!

3) Daily Roulettes
Again, pretty straight forward. Some roulettes give upwards of 10k or more so they are valuable to do whenever you get a chance!

4) Maps
Running maps is probably the best way, because if you arent a crafter a lot of the items that drop can be sold for pretty decent amounts. Get a circle of shell leather that's an easy 1.2 mil in your characters bank account. Get a bunch of Endgame materia and some go for 20k a piece. Maps is hands down the best way, if you manage to complete a map dungeon you get 100k at the end! Join a PF or go with friends!

5) Beast Tribes
Not only do you get an okay amount just doing your daily ones, but a lot of the stuff you can get from them you can sell for a good chunk as well!

6) Crafting
Even if you're low level, or not an endgame crafter, there are still some pretty easy housing and glamour pieces you can make that can sell for an okay amount and some of the mats are pretty reasonable to!

7) Gathering
Much like crafting, if your low level or not an Endgame gatherer you can still gather some things that are worth some coin. Skybuilders for example is an easy 10-50k (stack of 99) depending on the item!

8) Retainer Ventures
Sending your retainers out on ventures is another great way because sometimes they bring back great items and even gil itself (Allagan Silver pieces ect)

9) Leves
We all hate them. But not only are the good at leveling your crafters and gatherers but they still give an OKAY amount of gil for each turn in you do!

10) Weekly challenges
This one is pretty straight forward as well! Check your weeklies and bang them out! Some give 100k when you finish and some only give 2000, but either way, if you're hurting for them just get them done.

Those are just some ways you can make gil! There are others but I'm drawing a blank and am at work, ahaha, I hope these help you start saving up! Oh! I also reccomend using a retainer to hold your savings, helps minimize spending it!

Thank you for reading!
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Bella Th'brawl

Faerie (Aether)

Pray tell, what weekly challenge gives 100k?
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