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5.2 Preliminary Notes- The Quick Read

*New Randoms*
-Crafting Recipes
-Gathering Nodes
-Chocobo Barding
-New songs to be preformed in Preformance Assistance
-Khloe's Gold and Silver Certificate rewards have been adjusted

*New Main Story Quests*
"Old Enemies, New Threats"
-Krile in The Rising Stones
Must complete quest "Vows of Virtue, Deeds of Cruelty"

*New Dungeon
Anamnesis Anyder

*New Trial*
-Chronicles of a New Era
"The Sorrow of Werlyt"
=Ruby Doomsday
-Resistance officer(X:36.4 Y:31.8) The Lochs

*New Raid and Savage Raid*
=Eden Continued
"Away with the Faerie"
-Yalfort (X:26.7 Y:16.7) Amh Araeng

*YoRHa: Dark Apocalypse*
"Carnivals and Confrontations"
-Dig Site Chief (X:34.7 Y18.2) Kholusia
-Weekly Restrictions have been removed from Copied Factory

*Beast Tribes*
=Qitari Beast Tribe
-Exclusive for Disciples of the Land
-Sync to level 70+
"The Stewards of Note"
-Concerned Mother (X21.0 Y:27.6) Rak'tika

*New Game+ additions*
-24 man prior expansion content
-Hildibrand content

-New items in Gemstone Traders
-Participation in FATEs that appear in seasonal events will no longer be counted toward certain achievements or challenge log entries.

*Treasure Hunts*
-Rewards have been adjusted

*Grand and Free Companies*
-New craftable items added to workshop
-Solo players may now advance production phases in company crafting
-adjustments and additions to subaquatic voyages:
-Maximum rank for free companies has been increased from 8 to 30.

-Private estates in housing wards 19-21 are now available for purchase.
-New furnishing has been added
-Furnishing from contest has been added
-Au Ra mannequins are now available
-Adjustments to Orchestrion categories
-New estate tags

*Gold Saucer*
-New Leap of Faith Stage has been added
-New Triple Triad cards have been addded
-New items available from MGP
-Adjustments to the GATE schedule

*Battle System*
-A meditation Gauge has been added for Samurai.

Tomes have changed again.

*Dungeons and Roulettes*
=Expert Dungeons
-The Grand Cosmos
-Anamnesis Anyder

=80 Dungeons
-470 Item Level Sync
-The Twinning
-Akadaemia Anyder
-The Grand Cosmos

*Alexander Ultimate*
-Weekly Restrictions have been removed
-475 Item Level Sync

=Materia can now be extracted from fully spiritbound gear without losing the original item. Furthermore, materia can be melded to gear regardless of crafter class.
-Spiritbond is reduced to 1% following materia extraction
-Culinarians can now also meld materia
-It is possible to meld materia if one or more crafter classes are equal or higher level than the level required to equip the item.
-The materia melding menu can now display items that have reached max number of melded materia.
-Retrieve Materia has been added to the Materia Melding Menu.
-The number of materia held is now displayed during materia melding process

-New actions have been added
-two actions have been removed
-some actions have been adjusted
=The Calculations feature has been added to the crafting Window.

-Action adjustments

-Animations have been added to indicate bites while fishing.
-Versatile Lures have been added
=Ocean fishing has been added
"All the Fish in the Sea"
-Requires Fishing level 1 and quest completion "My First Fishing Rod"
-Fhilsnoe(X:7.8 Y:14.5) Limsa Lominsa Lower Deck

*Random Info*
-The Healing Potency Up effect gained from the Echo now applies to all HP restoration actions rather than healing spells only
-PVP alliance randomization has been improved
-Eternal Bonding and Bridesmaid's gear can now be equipped regardless of gender
-The Effects of food and Medicinal items will no longer expire during crafting
-Players inactive longer then 30 min in the Firmament will be logged out automatically.
-Upon completing a duty, the time until players are forced to leave has been changed from 10 min to the remainder of the duty's time limit.
(If less then 10 min, a 10 min timer will begin following completion)
-Fees are now charged for items bought from the market board when the player is in the city where the item is listed.
-Group Pose has some newly added features.

*Important Note*
-Waymarks will no longer be able to be placed nor removed during combat
-3 and 4 have been added to the waymarkers line up
-Players can postion and save waymarkers for up to five slots but must be placed down before combat.

Hope you all liked a little quicker read. If so let me know, I will do it more often

As always, you can comment on whatever you like and for a full read out here is a link to the preliminary patch notes:
Comments (6)

Mahdi Draaken

Faerie (Aether)

new beasties are gather only!! mwahaha

Siglinde Skysworn

Sargatanas (Aether)

Yes, and there will supposedly be a 3rd one for crafters! Although, with Ishgard restoration, is there really any need for a crafting beast tribe?

Esper Eidolon

Diabolos (Crystal)

@siggy, well with ocean fishing and diadem being repurposed into a gatherers paradise is there really any reason for gathering beast tribe quests? Guess it can not hurt ultimately

Siglinde Skysworn

Sargatanas (Aether)

True, plus I guess it's always good to have alternatives for levelling up, haha.

I am actually tempted to level fisher now for ocean fishing!

Annabel Ashcroft

Faerie (Aether)

Sigh, except for the normal Eden raid, nothing of interest for me. I won't have access to the dungeon or trial since I am not continuing 5.1 MSQ until I catch up writing it.

Oh well, that's ok, I could use a break from ff14 right now anyway. I am currently playing a ton of other games through xbox pc game pass and don't really have time to log on.

This comment has been deleted.

Kahori Harukawa

Coeurl (Crystal)

gimme my umbrella alrwady.
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