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5.41 Ishgard P4 day2 notes / expert craft

hiho hello,

Bit of a late start for me, as quite busy irl this week. This post may be a bit stream-of-consciousness too as a result of my time restraint, but I hope it helps all the same. Yesterday I spent much of my time fooling around trying to make a lazy macro, checking breakpoints etc., to only partial success. I'll include the macro at the bottom, but really cannot recommend using it, as it's terror-tier unreliable and not optimized. Still, possibility to improve upon.

I ended up recording ~1 pot worth of craft.
The timestamp included if click-through.
The 6th craft you can see my mistake where I should have recognized lack of proc, resulting in being behind in CP despite progress phase being average. To make up lost ground in these situation, recommend using patient because a T1 craft isn't worth crafting - better to gamble / sac.

differences from P3:
tiers: 5.8 / 6.5 / 7.4 (max 1266p)
* 25% success rate yellow proc removed
* max dura +5
* progress req'd a bit higher
* "malleable" proc added: "Increases to progress are 1.5 times higher than normal"
* "primed" proc added: +2 steps to buffs

The crafts're quite comfortable now! 55d really helps minimize wasted proc.

Malleable makes it a bit awkward in that when I find myself going into a rhythm, will often queue RS before the proc change registers, and then locked into it which accidentally completes the craft ;_;

A problem I also find myself running into is maintaining throughput due to having to check the procs more frequently. As such, I've not chosen progress based on cp efficiency as in the past, but based on what my smooth tato brain can handle in terms of pattern recognition. My craft-rate is finally picking up, but still noticeably slower than the last phase (approx 22-26k/hr atm).

Reflect feels like it's simultaneously in a better place now (due to having progress flexibility from malleable procs) and worse off from having more progress to accumulate. I think that it -feels- better to play than last patch, but it's also less speed-efficient since it's harder to maintain a rhythm as more time's spent considering procs, counting progress, etc., so I've opted to stick with Mmem.

At the start of each patch, I often go through the sim to find differences in progress combinations.
This is a non-comprehensive list that I came up with:

Rather than trying to memorize specific numbers gained, I find it helps to think of it in terms of equivalencies.
eg. (at 2729): given that mmem-ven-rs must succeed (else sac), easiest path forwards is another rs under ven, dropping us at 10672. when I see 10672, I know that I need either ven-BS (BS finish), or malleable-BS (likewise), as they're the same value (835), which puts us at 11507: 1 BS (556) in range. Considering malleable under ven, CS would finish the craft, so while you can FA it, it's a waste of 8 cp as you don't save a step. Likewise, if not possible to get BS under ven and spare sturdy proc exist, can unbuffed CS (to 11368) which then requires CS finish, but helps avoid trying to weave in a BS during quality phase when inno/gs running.

So this leaves me with 3 key pieces of info:
* 106xx: some kind of buffed BS, into BS finish
* 115xx: BS finish
* 113xx: CS finish
(xx because I only glance at the first 3 numbers)

which account for majority of cases.
It's only when IS is used that it gets a bit weird.

Intensive can be useful if:
* last proc, no RS success, mmem bout to run out - but still reqs catchup - I prefer not
* mmem-ven-rs succeeded, last proc of ven (+2784, to 9976) - still needs mall-cs, bs, bs finish (or delicates)
this largely defers scraps of progress until you get a malleable proc later, but is more to juggle

I've melded 2 sets to play around with
* 2729/2863/569 (not inc'd: chili crab, cp syrup, cmd fc buff II)
* 3080/2647/563 (not inc'd: mejillones, craft syrup, cmd fc buff II -- bp @ 3226)
Mejillones are slightly less efficient due to being lower ilvl, and should avoid if possible to meld craft instead, but at this lvl, cannot gain the amount req'd without relying on it.

1st set is high command for easy quality, but relies on RS + proc usage.
2nd set high craft to simplify the progress, enabling Mmem-ven-RS-GW, BS finish.

of the 2, I still prefer 2729 for manual crafting as malleable favours progress, but there is a certain comfiness about not needing to multi-RS.

The priority has changed quite significantly as well.

general flow: MMem-ven-rs, ven-rs > prog mop up > IQ > quality start > IQ grind > quality grind > fish for red > end

* Patient gambling: only when behind (eg. due to many RS failure)
* HT - more heavily used in qual building in last phase with stray inno procs
* WN2 - still feels less than ideal, but when flooded in green procs at 0-5 IQ ish, due to addition of BT combo with ST

pre-1st RS success
* no ToT, ignore red
* 1 use of green proc on manip
* no intensive on Mmem - just RS and sac if miss
* not req'd to FA malleable at low craft
* ignore primed

post-1st RS, pre-2nd RS
* IQ asap to allow for use of precise
* Manip on green if not up; if sub 15d and 3+ stack manip, MM
* Manip on primed if 15-20d and no green or manip running (take what you can get)
* raw manip if 15d
* ToT pre-IQ, precise post-IQ unless need to regen dura

post-2nd RS
ideally, mmem-ven-rs-rs-bs, bs finish; adjust buffs as needed.
not req'd to get the bs under ven -- don't recast just for that, but wait for malleable/sturdy during later phases.

pre-11 IQ
* manip on green at 0-3 stacks remaining
* MM if 20d or below and manip running with > 2 stack remaining
* WN2 if low iq stacks, high cp, and already manip+MM'd
shift to BT-ST spam under WN2 to build stacks
avoid using if > 5 IQ, just pliant prudent
* patient on 5/6 ONLY if behind - if it fails, can rageslam at 3, or try to crawl back to 5.
not necessary to use patient if good RS luck and without 25% rate up on yellow, it'll more freq mess up the craft
* prudent spam otherwise
* inno on primed after 5 iq
* inno raw after 7 iq, particularly instead of emergency obs for dura regen
* BS malleable / CS sturdy if req'd

post-11 IQ
bit more chaotic but still follows the same

from P3, but due to ending up at 11 stacks with less cp (or instances of high durability with blue/manip) and spare inno stacks, I've taken to using them up with HT on occasion, as there isn't always cp to spare, such that clipping the last 1-2 stacks with an inno recast could in some situations, be better spent burning durability on the offchance of a HT success. This tends to happen when reaching 11 IQ with several pliants near the end, so at risk of overcap durability from manip, and/or low ~200-250 cp that can't make use of all the durability it has access to. If durability too high from mismanagement, can consider slamming prep on white (with buffs up).

proc fishing
* ensure you leave enough for CS if needed
* better to spend cp on quality than end with 150 cp and many recasts
* when ending with excess cp, recast buffs in order that prevents both falling off at once for as long as possible
* if minimal cp to fish with: rather than skipping to obs immediately, can use delineations first
this ensures that if you get a green proc, you can use to refresh a costlier buff 1st, then obs giving you an extra refresh (not wasting green going 7cp -> 4cp)
* delineations really useful! (must be spec)

bad macro
really, must caution that it's 25% success rate, with a patient 16 steps in, and reqs a wonky meld set. It is not competitive in the slightest, and hand-crafting will 2-3x the result. As an added bonus, quality doesn't take red proc into account, and given prior experience with macroing expert in P2, the average return (pointwise) roughly 1.5x the baseline after red accounted for. The reliability will increase with less rng, but rng seems required to hit minimum quality when not making use of procs. I expect having a decision-fork setup of macros (if RS fails vs RS doesn't fail) would improve overall result but it's also borderline too much babysitting vs result for my liking. Given the prevalence of green procs, I think we can also "overspend" cp, assuming at least 1(2?) pliant per craft, and then assign a value to that. I was thinking 9cp per pliant conservatively, but idk really.

I've included this more as a theoretical problem to improve upon. If you manage to improve on this, please msg!

(missing a FA too)
Comments (4)

Zolmation Volt

Sargatanas (Aether)

Always love seeing your breakdowns, very interesting!

Dr Momochi

Cerberus (Chaos)

The best macros currently have 25% reliability to hit T2 (65k+). For min collectability (58k+) the reliability rate is already at 45%.

Arche Koeln

Sargatanas (Aether)

oh, hello!
are those semi-macros? 45% sounds quite comfy if completely automated.
I think knowing that it can be done is enough knowledge to start looking again.

Serafel Starweaver

Excalibur (Primal)

I was having a lot of trouble getting to mid-high collectability, but your write up and video helped immensely. I had the right idea, but I wasn't using hasty touch nearly enough. Thanks very much!
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