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[Macro] Travel [V4.X]

You can change the roulettes to a specific mount or a specific minion if you want.

Uses Peloton when not in combat or Sprint if you are,
press again to mount if you need to travel far.
Peloton > Sprint > Stealth > Mount

In PVP, mounts outside combat but if in combat uses Bolt instead.
Mount > Bolt

If gathering, 2nd press is Stealth and 3rd Mounts; saves a hotbar slot but adds a split second to mount time.

/macroicon "Sprint"
/gaction "Minion Roulette"
/action "Peloton"
/action "Sprint"
/action "Stealth"
/gaction "Flying Mount Roulette"
/pvpaction "Bolt"

*I have not checked the new skills for every class so if there are other movement skills I will add them when I notice them or if someone is kind enough to comment about them.

Uses these instead for whatever specific minion/mount
/mount "Mount Name"
/minion "Minion Name"

If you would like some ideas for macros just let me know.

Preferably contact me on Facebook, Discord, Steam, or PSN rather than on here.
Contact info is on my profile page.
Comments (2)

Albina Aisling

Leviathan (Primal)

Neat! ^_^

Battle Unit

Goblin (Crystal)

Added Stealth.
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