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Famfrit (Primal)

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Oh man. To the people who were with me in Cutter's Cry (who may never read this), I am so, so sorry for the massive amounts of jabroni action I have generated. Up until this point I thought I was fairly okay at dodging.

The truth is... I am only kind of okay, judging by how many times I died because of the cow... lion... snake chimera guy's blue attack. I choked hard, and I'm really sorry. My sidestepping game is weak. No... possibly beyond weak. It might even be... dare I say it... wack.

The fact of the matter is my playstyle revolves around stacking and reinforcing debuffs so that folks with better DPS can get their knocks in extra-good (since my hits aren't all that meaty), and I feel like this is something best done from afar. Still, though, this is better than the time I got lost in the cholesterol(?) corpus callosum(?) caloriemate(?) and all those guys got stuck up against a wall and began damaging everyone through space-time once I was teleported to the group.

I'll admit, I've got a lot to learn. I've only been here like, probably three weeks and I'm honestly not sure how I've got this far. My family's confused. My friends are confused. Even I'M confused. I should probably start with observing what's going around me a little better, considering the huge amount of cliffs I've fallen off of.

(It's a lot. I've fallen off of a lot of cliffs.)
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Sarah Logangar

Brynhildr (Crystal)

Hmm sounds like you are doing stuff you are not strong enough for. As a tank i have never had such problems and I seem to work well under pressure.
Maybe grab some better gear and practice your battle strategies outside of group events.

Virun Septimus

Famfrit (Primal)

I was actually waaaay overleveled for Cutter's Cry since it was in my roulette. I just had never actually done it... I kind of forgot I unlocked it >>;. I was super unprepared for the AOE mechanic involved with the boss. I did resolve to get out and practice dodging better by taking on boss FATEs by myself, though!

I even tweaked my UI so that the chat (where the tells are) wouldn't be blocked by the action help box. Hopefully I'm ready the next time I face the chimera!
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