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Ishgard restoration completed.


At last we have completed Ishgard Restoration,
thanks to all of our hard work and efforts.
Or so I would like to say if I wasn’t one of those lackeys,
who either overslept or missed.
To my defense; I worked extremely hard on the previous patches, mind!
Due to having everything on 80 prior Ishgard Restoration,
I didn’t feel as motivated.
I know for a fact that,
I would’ve gone through every fiber of my being to assist,
Had I yet a job or two to level up…! <awkward eye-twitch>

Anyroad, it’s been a day since it completed, and yes,
I did manage to help through it!
The final three, I believe,
I was able to keep on track through websites and whatnot.
If only I had known about this earlier … what’s more,
I had a hope that this would continue until patch 5.5,
since I truly enjoy everything.
I enjoy Diadem, F.A.T.E., crafting—
I dislike the expert crafting however. <filthy casual>
Also, on my last admission as a lackey;
I have yet to … craft for the stickers.
Hold on—this is/was the key of donating materials...
to help the F.A.T.E. to pop in the first place, wasn’t it…?
F#@%…!!! Sorry, for those I’ve let down…! A bit late, ain’t it!
<grovel> ……。

To the point; I decided to do the follow-up quests.
To my surprise, yet, not so surprise,
I was in tears through most of it!
While the quests seems ‘normal’ or ‘irrelevant’,
or perhaps a ‘cute addition’ to the completion,
to me, it was emotional.

The following content might be spoiler for those who did not do it yet!
SPOILER Warning!
Click to showClick to hide
While I understood and signed for the fact,
that this whole idea behind Ishgard Restoration,
was to give those from the Brume, those less fortunate- a home,
This alone, already played heavily on my heartstrings.

The reason is plain; since I was doing Ishgard,
returning to the Brume or even passing by,
I couldn’t help the feeling of sadness and helplessness,
from seeing the elderly,
all those homeless or foster children with/without families stuck outside,
in the bitter cold known to be endless in Ishgard……。
This is what made me respect The Hounds immensely in the first place.
They fought for their people, the struggle against poverty,
and most of all; acceptance.
Call me old-fashioned,
but it hit home in my real life.
Not to go into details;
I never expected this game to provide it eventually.
I take every story seriously as you may know;
and this had been a burden,
a burden now lifted. The moment I had to encourage the young mother and her child,
to move into a home and not to care about the expenses, that’s when it hit me hard.
That was also when I realized this was more than just a residential area.
It became more personal; since I did not expect them to involve us in it.

The babygirl Dragonette is adorable. And for the first time ever,
we finally know that the Heretics drinking blood,
indeed becomes one of the dragons.
The one thing that confuses me still,
is that I had understood those flying dragons,
to have been Ishgardians beforehand. Yet in the story,
the Heretic seems unable to fly at all.
And he looks quite the… Ninja Turtle. (SORRY)

When he first appeared, I thought it was a comedy sketch.
A man dressed as a fake dragon.
Heck—it did not even look like a dragon to me at first. (Until now!)
As story proceed, another thing hit me home very, very hard.
This time, tears were just streaming and rolling down my cheeks;
the story of the young mother’s choice,
into giving the husband a second chance.
This, is what has been hindering me in my real life.
And today, just before the quest…
Something in my family changed, that made them decide an alternate way;
A way the story and my real life ODDLY could relate, or, I could….
While I am not one to involve reality in stories….
And while unable to go into details….
The story reminded me with a snap of finger of my current situation.
Those who know me in reality or about my real life can well understand this.
Yet it’s …. a mixed feeling. For this,
I have come to truly enjoy the completion story! And even feel it personally.

For this, I wish I could own a home there for my own as well.
I will try my hardest, and do what I can to get one,
would the time come, and even the ability to possess one…。
(I feel no satisfaction in apartments)
After all, it is European style;
and I fit right in there sadly, yet not sad!

Thank you Yoshida :)

QUIZZ QUEST feel free to comment your thoughts:
Whenever you look into zones of Eorzea it is says “World: Hydaelyn”.
Does it mean we will get a new world called “Zodiark” in the future?
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