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Celestia Week 2

Greetings and salutations!

I've been promoted to the Soldier rank in Celesita! Looks like that's about the end of my upwards momentum in the Free Company for the next five and a half months. Joined the Free Company for some more Stormblood mount farming this Monday, then we 1 shot a Full Party's worth of Antiques from the normal raids on Tuesday. I'm about capped out on the old primal loot, so I'm probably going to sit out of future Old Content runs unless they need a hand. Tonight, we did a learning party for Emerald Weapon Extreme. I didn't have a bad time learning it. The swords part wasn't near as overwhelming as I was lead to believe it would be, but the Rank and File action is still somewhere I'm slipping up. Because of the weird timing on the damage snapshot, I keep mistiming my steps. Trying to get my clear on this fight tonight since the Free Company's doing farming runs on it and Ruby Weapon Extreme tomorrow.

I completed the Augmented Law's Order Rapier, finally. The substats on this 515 Item Level weapon far surpass the potential substats on the 530 weapons, so that please me. It occurs to me that Item Level 665 weapons will exist in two years. Anyhow, the fifteen Delubrum Reginae step was an absolute slog. Those six fights take about fourty minutes on average. So, ten hours of just Delubrum Reginae, where I didn't get any loot other than the Augmented Law's Order Rapier at the end of it. I'm doing more runs, cause I definitely want the Gabriel Mk.III mount, but definitely not doing a second Relic weapon.

In other news, I just completed my Master Grade Gundam Barbatos model kit. That was fun. Only kit I have left to put together is the Master Grade Nu Gundam Ver.Ka. Taking a break from gunpla before tackling that, though.

Breaking News! Just got my Emerald Weapon Ex clear. Took about 4.5 hours of running. Sadly the first weapon drop I saw was for Ninja. Ah well.
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Elyn Softflame

Hyperion (Primal)

I really like your blog! They are fun to read :D Welcome to the FC by the way! :D
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