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Celestia Week 1

Greetings and salutations!

It's been a week since I've transfered over to Hyperion and joined Celestia. It's been a pretty good time! I've so far joined them for an Eden's Promise Antique farm and a Kamuy Fife farm, where I also got my first-time clears of Shinryu, Tsukuyomi, and Byakko Extreme. I now have the Nine-Tails mount! Guess it's time to move on to getting the Dragon mounts. I think I'm participating in Innocence and Ruby Extreme farms tomorrow.

I've gotten to know a few of our members in the Free Company, at least a little bit. First is Trinity Latrise, a new player to Final Fantasy XIV who I've spent some time supporting in Dungeon runs while they learn how to Tank. There's also Ivy Leaf, who sponsored me into the Free Company. She's an adorable little pink Lalafell. Finally, there's Evaz Zoralth! She's an artist I've spoken to quite a bit on the Discord. I helped her do some Byakko Extreme farming on her alt for a little bit too. There's also Johnny Cake, the Free Company's local Hunt Leader, who got me situated in the Celestia Hunt Linkshell near immediately after my last Blog post. Seems he ran into some personal issue shortly there-after. I hope he's okay, and wish whatever issue he ran into with a swift and favorable resolution. So, I've got the start of some friendships going, but for now, they're still just acquaintances. I hope to form stronger bonds with Celestia's members in the future.

Next up - I'm so excited for Sage! Fall 2021 can't get here soon enough! I just want to play Sage so bad! Up until now, I've never really been big into Healing. I mained Scholar during Heavensward, and I had a great time with it. Over Stormblood and Shadowbringers, I've put in the effort to keep it leveled and geared for end-game, but it just hasn't felt as good to play anymore. But I want to play Sage! This means I'm gonna need to dedicate some of my efforts to re-acquiring end-game Healer talent. To that end, I'm working on leveling White Mage and Astrologian. I've gotten them both from 30 to 50 in recent days. Not a big fan of Astrologian's aesthetic, but I'm surprisingly in favor of how it plays. It feels good, and invested in the party.

Gundam has been amongst my favorite franchises since my earliest memories. So when I saw the Nouliths, I made the immediate association, as many others before me did. I was already excited with the Sorrows of Werlyt side-story, and even ordered my own Master Grade Nu Gundam model kit when Yoshi-P published his farewells to his old friend last December. The Gundam NT inspired artwork here was done for me on commission by @TsubiUru on Twitter. I've been taking pains trying to develop my own Sage glamour in advance of it's release. I hope we get more mecha-themed glamours to pair with it in the future, but for now, this is what I've come up with. Picking a Body that can pair with the Lost Allagan Sabatons and Gauntlets, and isn't a long and flowy robe was exceedingly difficult for the Healer role.

I hope everyone has had a good week, and look forward to talking to you all again next week!
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