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Constable the Melee Pet Class for Endwalker

Everyone's wondering what the new melee class will be. But what if it was an old timey cop from Britain, a constable. They'd have an attack dog and be the first melee class of 14 that first side by side with their pet doubling up on melee physical damage. They'd use lancer and dragoon gear but have riot shield (shields from paladins) and batons that can double a tasers. Kinda like what Reno uses in FF7. I'm not big into cops but I think this would be a great idea.

The quests can even be detective style as you track down killers and copycat killers. And sometimes it would spoof cop shows and make puns. Like NCIS or Law and Order. What if Hildibrand even cameo'd in some of them. Or was getting framed in one? I think the ideas there are pretty great. Especially if they really roll with it and have fun with the quests and skills. Something fast yet tactical. Like lots of countering skills the go into combos.
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