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First 90 days after Free Trial FFXIV

Hi 🙂

Well here it is probably my last instalment in this series as I am just about finished Shadow Bringers. I actually just got to 80 on my BLM but the site hasn't updated it yet. According to /playtime I have accomplished all I have in 37 days of playtime . For $35 complete collection + subscription fee still a pretty good deal for the amount of contented there has been.

I am going to finish the BLM hunt and then switch back to Bard because reasons stated in my BLM review just not having fun . it's to "structured" and rigid while the majority I have found is respectful it does not help you still run into those people who take video games too seriously while playing with random people and seem to think they should play the way they want them to play while again in a random group whine if you are not pushing the right button at the right time.

Bard I just run around hit buttons and no one not even the stressed stressed-out ones have ever complained about that .

Ran'jit - see my comments about Zenos in my other blog he's just as bad, annoying and many other things.

Crafting - I have slowed down in improving it there really seem to be no point since I am given everything and you can't really craft anything that is ultimately BIS from what I have seen.

Trusts are good they seem better than squadrons now I guess the dev's decided to go in a different direction with solo party mechanic.

Still getting annoyed with some of the boss mechanics. It's not that . I can't deal with them just find it unfun and some of the boss battles take tooo long imo.

Most everything else I have said in other blogs so I will just end it here for now. Have Fun Kupo!!
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