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[E6S] Paksa la Vista, Baby!

The Journey into Savage 24
A casual scrub's raiding misadventures

I spent the Day 6, the 24th of February, progressing the last phase of E6S. Most of my time was spent with one party, which spent nearly 3 hours together except for 1 replacement. This party was strong, and did good dps. For the first time, I saw the enrage of Rakta Pasta: 14% on a pull with 7 deaths and a healer LB3. I thought this wasn't too bad. I still have memories of E2S in the early weeks of Eden's Gate, where a single death might result in failing the dps check.

We got so close to clearing, however, I think by the end everyone was burnt out, and careless mistakes started to increase. In the end, we disbanded and wished each other good luck with the clear. Even though we did not clear, there was a positive atmosphere throughout. Indeed, while the players I played with were of varying skill level, the important thing was that we could progress consistently and discuss errors in a constructive way.

However, late that afternoon, for the first time in a long while, I had my first somewhat negative experience in PF. I joined a different post-Conflag prog party, and speaking with my co-tank, I realized she had a poor understanding of the fight. Not knowing things is fine, the learning party is for learning. However, on the 1st pull, she did every single tankbuster wrong and I was shocked - has she actually learned the early phases properly? Then, as I was trying to explain it, the party leader suddenly said "<DRK> meld your gear", and kicked her. I think this is reasonable, if you're going to do Savage, it's important to learn the earlier phases before progressing to later ones, and to meld your gear. Overmeld and optimal melds are never necessary, but all slots should be filled with relevant Materia VIII. It's a show of respect for your teammates who have showed up properly equipped.

* * *

I woke up very early the next day. It was the 25th, Day 7 of Savage release. This was the final chance to clear before weekly reset and effectively receive 1 more week's worth of loot. I jumped into the first clear party with an open tank spot; it was my first time joining clear party instead of practice.

My co-tank for this fight was probably the most skilled and experienced of the ones I played with in Eden's Verse so far. Indeed, this party was also more consistent than my practice party yesterday. On the other hand, I was playing shakily. At one point, I actually went to the wrong safespot, which is an incredibly elementary mistake.

However, after several pulls I started to focus better and become consistent. But the kill continued to elude us. Like E2S, there are so many places where a mistake will result in deaths that snowball out of control, and so many places where a moment's hesitation will kill everyone.

We left the instance to restart the timer and repair. Nobody left. We all sensed a clean kill within reach. "The clear is so close, I can smell it," I said through gritted teeth.

The countdown begins, and again we are off...

This pull went perfectly well until the end, and we finished the difficult Conflag Strike phase with all players alive. There are now only 2 more major mechanics left before the end.

Then suddenly, disaster! Mistakes occur on the final major mechanic. I am killed and another healer is taken out as well.

However my WAR co-tank saves the day. He uses Holmgang to invuln the Meteor Strike, giving the healers time to recover. The SCH plays it safe and fires healer LB3. Unlike normal raises, healer LB raises players without weakness and does not reduce their damage, and can be a dps gain over raising normally. The boss jumps north and begins to cast its enrage. But I already know we made it.

Paksa la vista, baby. Rest in pieces.

I'll be back. After reset, to farm you again.

I spent 6.5h to learn and clear this fight, compared to 8.5h for E2S, and cleared it on Day 7 instead of 23. It was wise to follow the advice of experienced raiders, and make a focused effort during week 1.

But now I'm exhausted! I'm gonna put on my swimsuit and go fishing.

The journey continues after weekly reclears. Let's clear together next time!

Comments (10)

Serena Sable

Spriggan (Chaos)

It's Hasta.

Lil Cairn

Masamune (Mana)


Mahdi Draaken

Faerie (Aether)

keep up the good work buddy!

Siglinde Skysworn

Sargatanas (Aether)

Thank you Cairn and Mahdi!

It might not seem much to you, however, your encouragement really meant a lot to me. Especially in the earliest days, when I was very unsure of myself, but even now this is still the case.

I'm really grateful that I have good friends cheering for me, lol.

Siglinde Skysworn

Sargatanas (Aether)

@ Nalia I know! But the boss is called Raktapaksa, so I'm making a lame pun, haha.

Felsea Stryfe

Lich (Light)

The human steamroller!! Gg sigy!!

Kahori Harukawa

Coeurl (Crystal)

Bravo! Nice work.

Ruining Mylife

Siren (Aether)

I always love the effort you put into your posts. Great read!

Ruining Mylife

Siren (Aether)

Also I had a very similar experience. We were always getting killed at ~3% at the end. I guess we were under geared or we were simply bad xD. But we started optimizing our dps, and like a movie we killed during the animation of the enrage blast. Onto e7s!

Siglinde Skysworn

Sargatanas (Aether)

Oops, I missed your reply, sorry! Glad you enjoyed, haha.

Yes, it's not Savage unless your 1st kill is a nerve biting one during the enrage cast, isn't it?!
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