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[E5S] Shockingly Difficult

The Journey into Savage 21
A casual scrub's raiding misadventures

When I see people say things like, "Oh, we plan to clear in 6 weeks", I envy them. They know they will clear for certain, but I don't know if I can clear at all.

However, isn't this what makes my story interesting? I don't know if my story will end in cheers or tears, and this makes it worthwhile. As a casual player with no static to count on, perhaps you can imagine yourself in my shoes, even if you don't intend to do Savage. I think if I was Siggy the elite raider playing only with his static, my journey would be less fun to read about.

It is the morning of Day 2, 5:00 a.m. A JP group has claimed world first after 34 hours of battle, but my journey is only just beginning. I resolved to recapture the feeling I had on the release of Eden's Gate. To fight without fear, and find out how my story ends. I joined the first fresh learning party for Ramuh that I saw.

You know, while Ramuh on the source was like an old grandpa, this Ramuh is pretty ripped. And instead of a beard, he has a majestic fluffy tail. I want to grab it, lol!

Unusually, this is a fight where the OT's job may be more complicated than the MT. That's because whenever Ramuh casts "Executor Summons", the OT must kite around an add. If you have done E5N, you know how you must pick up lightning balls to handle certain mechanics, and the add tethers to the player with the most balls (if there is a tie, it tethers to the closer one). Thus, the OT must pay attention to how many balls he has, and also be wary to adjust if party members pick up extra balls.

So far, the hardest part is "1st 14 Fury". In this mechanic, Ramuh summons 2 rows of 7 spears. Then he jumps to one end, and prepares to charge down the middle. The OT must stand inside the circle that appears before Ramuh and use the Duty action, while the remaining 7 party members must position themselves to be knocked into the spears on the safe side, and break them. The spears explode for 999,999 damage when he charges, so even 1 unbroken spear will wipe the party.

For the OT, when the summon begins, a tether will go out to either the N or S to a shadow of Ramuh. You should pre-position on the other side, opposite Ramuh's shadow, as that is where the circle will appear. After receiving the charge, immediately run towards the safe side to avoid the explosion of the remaining 7 spears. The damage done is approximately 200k, so be sure to mitigate it strongly.

One thing I appreciate about playing in Savage is that here is where we can have an honest discussion. The people I played with could discuss mistakes in a constructive way and often, when people do something wrong, they would also call it out themselves. This is what happened in the party when someone made a big mistake, just look:

In casual content in NA, there is a fair chance that players will become defensive, or remain silent (leaving you unusure whether they understood). In fact, on Reddit, there are even some players who try to discourage others from helping; I saw one person fearmongering by saying that giving advice can get you reported unless people ask for it first. These attitudes do not work in Savage, where you either do the mechanics or die. Hard content forces us to work together.

I was able to see the next mechanic, Chain Lightning, and we were even able to clear it once, somewhat shakily. This mechanic involves passing a debuff around. There are 2 strategies competing in NA right now, "circle strat" and "triangle strat", however both strategies involve no movement from the tanks. I'm not sure what to feel about this - I dislike buff passing mechanics, but I also dislike tanks being spared the hardest mechanic, like in E3S.

After this, there is only 1 more major mechanic - the second 14 Fury. And it is almost similar to the first, with one small difference. I had to leave for work in the end, but after 2 hours of practice, I began to feel that sense of progress - a small voice in your head that says, "I get it now! I understand it, I can do this!"

I haven't cleared yet, but slowly, I began to feel it was within reach. "But Siggy, what about the title?" you ask. Oh, that's clickbait. Lol!

Don't get bitter, just get better! Let's clear together next time!
Comments (2)

Aala Konane

Midgardsormr (Aether)

Oooh the click bait XD

Congrats on the progress.

Siglinde Skysworn

Sargatanas (Aether)

I totally missed your message somehow. :O Thank you Aala!
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