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I Love Decorating #7: Nooks & Crannies

Welcome to #7 in my blog series, created to share my discoveries about designing my new FFXIV house to be my own unique home, and also sharing how my friends' houses - in Lavender Beds, The Goblet, Mist & Shirogane - have inspired me. I feel sharing these ideas with other new house owners is not only fun, but can help others to make their own new house their very own. After all, in this very imaginative world, it's a great way to express your own favorite places in the game!

Today, I want to show you how you might want to use those nooks & crannies in your home - the small under-stair spaces & odd corners too small for social gatherings & too useful to ignore. These tiny spaces can be very useful, and I'd like to share the uses I've found. As usual, I will start with cottage ideas, then houses, then mansions.

My own nooks have changed over time, as I found ways to improve the use of these handy small spaces. For the cottages, and the houses, I will start first from my own, for better or for worse. ;)

Cottages are two levels with a single staircase, flush against the wall, so you might not think there's nook potential. However those stairs have an entrance area that could be useful as a nook, although owners might prefer to keep it clear. I placed a small aquarium there.

Others found a similar usefulness for this small space:

I felt Faye adding a window there was brilliant - literally - lol.

As you can see,the stairway is in no way blocked, so think about what small treasure you might exhibit there.

Now, in the FFXIV house (the mid-size residence), there are two nooks you can use: one between the main house entry & the stairway up, and another at the foot of the stairs down, next to the wall. In addition, there is, again, a small landing halfway up (or down) the stairs, that might have small objects placed. Mine underwent numerous changes, as I tried out a couple of things that I later decided didn't work for me.

I have them placed in chronological order: first, on the main floor, I tried placing a couple of craft stations in that space by the front door. I then decided I needed to move my telescope out of the middle of the floor upstairs & near a window, so I moved it to that space, & moved the craft stations to the downstairs nook.:

Here is the downstairs nook with the craft stations. Then I decided to return the stations back to my FC estate for others' use, & made the downstairs nook a study nook, with all my favorite books. As you can see, I made it a fun place to read a good book, and dyed the two stools cheerful colors.:

At the same time, I decided to use the stairwell going up as a tiny display area:

Those friends & visitors who have offered to share their homes on this site, have used their nooks for various reasons also:

Pyon, who has all the craft stations available in his house, used the downstairs nook for his ARM station. Another friend chose to place a sleep nook in the downstairs nook for her least-welcome (or most-determined) unexpected guests - lol. I'm sure their visits became timely ones.

Now, the mansions offer a main stairway up that branches in two directions, creating two nook areas on the main floor. There is also a fairly roomy nook at the bottom of the cellar stairs that is quite useful. Here are a few uses for the main floor nooks:

This particular mansion had a cafe in one wing, so the space became handy for a work space & the main oven.

The following are uses for the downstairs nooks; these are large enough for seating areas and for counters for your retainers:

The red counter above was actually built under a loft on the main floor in a cottage - a very original & skilled use of space. The loft itself is its own little nook, and a great area for the owner to display all his toys & models:

You will discover ways to create additional nooks in your homes, by adding partitions and screens to divide the floor areas. I will cover most of this in later blog segments, but for now, check out these two fireplace nooks placed in the cellars of a couple of houses, the first shown being my own:

I hope you enjoyed & maybe were inspired by the ideas shown here today. As usual, I remind you that if you wish to share your home for my blog, please leave a comment below, stating your world, residential area, ward # & plot #. I can visit only eight worlds: Famfrit, Ultros, Behemoth, Hyperion, Brynhildr, Excalibur, Marlboro & Diabolos - and on only a couple of those can I reach Shirogane at this point in the game, since I'm a relative newbie, playing Heavensward at the moment.

Next time, I will be starting to show individual homes to showcase how they have created their home to reflect their personalities & what they choose to bring home from the world of FFXIV. We will begin to see various uses for different walls, floors & furnishings and how they influence the spaces they embrace.

Please join me as I share with you how the world of FFXIV has become a favorite home for everyone - in their homes - I hope you will enjoy yours, too. If you are new to this blog, please enjoy reading them all & feel free to leave comments. Thank you for coming & fare thee well, for now!

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Cade Vulferam

Brynhildr (Crystal)

These are always interesting to look through ^^ Gonna have to come back through these blogs once I have a house that needs decorating.

Belinda Forrest

Famfrit (Primal)

Thank you, Cade, & thanks for visiting. That's why I wrote them - to show folks how many ideas are out there, and offer suggestions to other new owners like me.
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