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I Love Decorating - #6: Houses to Dye For

Welcome back!

Whether you are old friends, or new to this blog series, my hope is that you find something useful &/or inspiring to take with you back to your own FFXIV Home, be it cottage, house or mansion. Please feel welcome to visit my series for ideas (& screenshots) for your own new (or longstanding) home.

I hope you are enjoying your FFXIV home, whether it be in the Lavender Beds (as is my own), The Goblet, Mist or Shirogane. Ah - forest, desert, beach, the Orient - all have much to offer in their natural surroundings, whether forest, desert, tropical beach or Oriental in aspect, for there beauty surrounds you, your family (your FC) & friends.

Today, I am showing several homes that have taken advantage of an ability to personalize their home for personal taste &/or a decor color theme - creating "A Home to Dye For."

Yes, just like your wardrobe, you can dye a lot of furnishings to your taste or needs. The ideas I am sharing today demonstrate several ideas.

First, I will share with you a few screenshots (ss) of my own home. I have a LOT of color in my house, because I am a visual artist & absolutely love color! It energizes me & awakens my creativity. There is a cheerful atmosphere from the lovely colors nature provides us, like a flock of wildflowers enlivening a field. I wanted a woodsy theme with greenery and vases of flowers everywhere. I tried to cluster color groups together, pinks in one area, blues in another, etc, to keep it from appearing chaotic, although I confess at times I'm not sure it's a bit much. (But I'm not giving it up!)

To help screen the kitchen area from the neighboring section, I placed an open wall section. This, being a stark white, glared out, so I dyed it a soft brown that blended in with the surroundings, and it is now hardly noticed, but looks very nice with the spice rack and pot of azaleas on its shelf. With all the color (the walls, floor and rugs, etc.), I found that having the furniture in a lot of different browns was a bit too much, so I dyed several pieces to match each other, using a deep brown, Kobold Brown, to have a bit of unification throughout, & to push back the furniture - dark colors retreat, seeming more in the background. In addition, I found that particular brown very complimentary to the Glade furniture I had, popping the soft green and metal trims as highlights. Here is an example of the Glade Counters, both in their original color, & dyed Kobold Brown.

These two pictures show the striking differences dye can make. The original wood color adds a golden, warm tone to the grays of the home on the left, and the deep brown counters in my home (& cupboards I dyed to match) make the wood walls seem lighter. Both serve their purpose well, as all the examples I am showing you today do.

(As usual, I try to show ss in order, and if demonstrating various approaches different size houses, will show cottages first, then houses, then mansions.)

Here is a small conversation area I had in my first house, a cottage. None of the items here are dyed.

And these are examples of some of the same type furniture and tables from other homes, showing the different feelings created by the use of dye to create various color palettes.

[By the way, I have never seen a stairway railing like the latter screenshot (ss) - Pyon did something original here, & I like it. I feel I could sit on those stairs - lol.]

Here is a Leve Counter in the original color & how a dye adds a distinct oriental flair.

Here is a decorative cupboard for displaying toys, the first one in its original oriental reddish look, then one dyed to fit its neutral surroundings.

And finally, some pictures of my kitchen dining area, where, again I used Kobold Brown dye to deepen the furniture color and reduce the numbers of browns of the different woods. Following those two ss, you can enjoy the various colors used for other kitchens and cupboard areas, such as to coordinate with this house's Tonberry theme.

I snuck in a ss of the dyed Glade Table for my Visitors area above - hee hee. But, again, the deep brown emphasizes the painted trim colors.

Here are my friends' items - quite fun, I thought.

There are so many ways to make your house truly your own. Dyeing is but one.
I hope you have received some ideas from today's examples.

Next time, I would like to show you the various ways folks use the nooks and crannies of their homes. These small areas can be quite cozy, or left open as free air space. Later blogs will showcase sleeping areas, baths & spas, office & work areas, games & entertainment spaces, trophy displays.

So as you can see, there is much yet to explore & enjoy. Again, if you are willing to share your home with me to showcase on this blog, be sure to leave a comment with your world name (I am unfortunately limited to 8 worlds - Famfrit, Ultros, Behemoth, Hyperion, Brynhildr, Excalibur, Marlboro, & Diabolos), residential district (cannot visit Shirogane yet on any worlds but Diabolos & Marlboro), & your Ward & Plot #'s. I can only visit elsewhere by friending first.

Thank you for your visit & enjoy your day!

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