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Eureka Anemos in 2020 (5.35)

First of all I admit I'm not a big fan of the Bozjan Southern Front, the newest "instanced open world zone" in Shadowbringers. It's a weird toned down version of Eureka for people who didn't like Eureka. Or so that's my impression. But I won't go into details about that.

So as in the title, Eureka Anemos in 2020, how is it today? As someone who loved Eureka... it's pretty good. Better than before. Before this week I only completed 4 weapons in Eureka (2 finally until Hydatos + BA, 2 until Pyros). There are/were 15 jobs in Stormblood and I've managed to complete all 11 remaining weapons in 3 days in Anemos (and the Kettle quest from the ARR relic questline!)

One weapon needs 1300 Protean Crystals + 3 Pazuzu Feathers. Proteans do drop directly from mob chains but the main source is through NMs. You get Anemos Crystals from NMs and then you trade them into Proteans. The exchange rate is quite generous, for 50 you get roughly 200. Sometimes less, sometimes even more. I think 100-300 are the limits. Anyways you need around ~300-350 Anemos Crystals to have enough for a weapon. The drops are good from the FATEs so you can collect enough in 3-4 hours (maybe even inside one 3 hour lockout). It all depends how active you are or your party about spawning NMs. As for the feathers you need to spawn Pazuzu (about that later) or you can buy them for 300 crystals each but don't do that, spawning is easier. A general simple overview about the weapons is here

Spawning any NM is very easy not just Pazuzu: target the triggering mobs (sometimes they depend on weather and the day of time too). In 5.1 SE had nerfed the requirement for spawning, as in you have to kill significantly less mobs. It's way faster than before.

I highly recommend to use the Eureka tracker site If some people are already in the instance then ask them that are they using a tracker? If not then start your own and ask what have they spawned yet? Hint: most likely nothing and that's one of the bigger problem now. Lot of people simply don't know what and how to do in Eureka so they just do the challenge log or chain farm sprites. But spawning NMs were always the best and most efficient move.

Is it easy to spawn NMs on your own as a single player? Yes! I have a full Elemental bonus armor with weapon for healer and ranged physical DPS but these are not necessary at all. If you really want some bonus then buy one of the body pieces. Kirin's Osode for DPS/tank, Vermillion Cloak for caster/healer. The NPC is in Kugane and you can only get the tokens from Hydatos so check the marketboard and see what's cheaper: the ready body piece or the tokens (don't forget about world visit!)

Here is my routine map about spawning: ignore the first 4 NMs cause they are too low level and not worth the time to spawn them. Low quality Paint graphics coming

Start with level 5 Callisto then level 6 Number. If the weather is Gales then you can go to level 7 Jahan next, if not then go level 11 Serket. If it's day then go around Serket after you did it. First the level 12 Julika, then level 14 Poly and level 15 Strider, and finally the level 16 Hazmat. If it's night then from Serket (or wherever you are) you can go to level 10 Bombadeel and/or level 13 White Rider then level 17 Fafnir. The 2 north NMs the level 8 and 9 Amamet and Caym are always good when there is a downtime or option. They are next to each other and they pop quickly. That leaves us with the 3 left side high level NMs. These are the ones that you can't solo and you need a party and preferably people who are at least level 19. Honestly I usually ignore Amarok and Lamashtu because there are just few people in Anemos and focus only on Pazuzu (and everyone needs those feathers).

Pazuzu is the "final boss" of Anemos. You need 3 feathers from him and for that you need a golden rating on the NM. Long story short it's pretty easy to do it nowdays. You can also buy the feathers in the base as I said above from the Birdwatcher NPC for 300 crystals each but that's a scam. Easier to spawn Pazuzu.

You only need a few things. 4-5 people who are at least level 19. 5 better but 4 is good too. When night is up kill the trigger mobs (Shadow Wraith) and when Gales hit Pazuzu will spawn. You don't even need a full chain (30 mobs) we managed to spawn it with 10-15 too. You also don't have to do it when both the weather and the night are happening together. You can "prefarm" Pazuzu and it will spawn on its own when the weather is up. As for the fight it's incredibly easy because it scales to the instance. We killed several times this week with 5-6 people because there are just not enough people in Anemos anymore so the boss melts away (especially with some Elemental bonus gear). Just writing this down because I've met some people in Anemos who said we are not enough, need more parties etc. Not true. You don't even need a full party. Just make sure everyone are +19 level (well you can bring lower level people too but they won't get rewards just exp).

Did I left out anything? Not sure but that's the gist of the current Eureka. You can kill almost every single NM inside one lockout even the level 1-4s when nothing left. The pop rate is just very fast. It's not Bozja where it happens automatically but these are two differently designed encounters.

If you have any questions I'm glad to answer.
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Annabel Ashcroft

Faerie (Aether)

If you saw my post on how Eureka is now, then you know if you have the armor set nothing can really have a chance to kill you till Pyros and the high 50+ enemies, at least the normal ones. I never tried the NM's to see how bad they damaged me. Hmmm, now I am curious ;p

Dayvan Cowboy

Spriggan (Chaos)

>nothing can really have a chance to kill you

Very good point! Really easy to stay alive now (especially if you play a healer). Though because of the level syncing in Anemos I'd not really touch the level 25 mobs alone when spawning Pazuzu, they still hit like a truck.
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