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All my glams

Now that I've finally reached level 80 on all jobs (except BLU of course) I also made some upgrades on my glams. OK not that much and I'm not creative at all but as of now this is my line up. 10 sets (one for each battle role + one for BLU + one for gathering and crafting). Only the weapons are different for every single job.


WHM, SCH, AST in order.

The main set is the PvP Shadowbringers healer set (Late Allagan) mixed with some others. The Hakama #55 pants looks really good with the shoes which are imo one of the most modern looking boots in the game. Kinda futuristic too with the glowing lights.


BLM, SMN, RDM in order.

This is my least favorite set because I couldn't really find anything good "caster-y". I generally don't like that most of the time casters and healers are sharing designs and on top of that almost all of the sets are robes. Anyways the body is the Scion Traveler's Jacket.


PLD, WAR, DRK, GNB in order.

The body is from A8 (The Burden of the Son), Prototype Midan Coat of Fending. It's really really good; one of my all time favorite armor pieces in the whole game. The base design looks good + the color pairing is awesome (but you can dye the version from Savage). The shoes are from Labyrinth of the Ancients and I rather not tell how many times I did run the raid to get it.

Ranged physical DPS

BRD, MCH, DNC in order.

I really like the skirts and kilts in the game, honestly I'd even wear them irl if it was culturally more acceptable lol... They are just awesome and honestly looks comfy! To some extent these are my main jobs (but I try to play everything).

Melee physical DPS

MNK, SAM, NIN, DRG in order. I put them under one category here but in the game they are 3 different things cause only MNK and SAM share gear.

The striking body (MNK/SAM) is once again from A8 (The Burden of the Son), Prototype Midan Jacket of Striking. Almost every glam piece from the Midan part of Alexander is awesome. Also skirts once again, as I said above I'm a big fan of them.

NIN was something I was struggling for a long time, wish it was sharing gear with SAM. But this body is kinda good (and the skirt part is together with it!). Not a big fan of the open chest part but haven't found anything better yet.

DRG is wearing the Rathalos Extreme set because that's dyeable and looks better in black.


Kinda casual, maybe something that you would even see irl.


Almost all the pieces are from the Stormblood Onishi set but they body is the new Craftsman's Coverall Top from Ishgard. Turns out it's a nice combo (and the Onishi pant is otherwise covered by the Onishi Dogi which is almost like a cloak covering the whole body)


Joke job needs a joke set!

And that's all! Curious what the future holds, what and when I'll upgrade. Especially the weapons cause I really love some of them and can't even imagine something better than those.

I hope you are having a great time and staying safe!
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Annabel Ashcroft

Faerie (Aether)

Cowboy, it looks like you are a purest and don't 'glamour' the outfit into something else.

You are not wrong about the healer sets, most of them are sooooo bleh of dumb looking. Honestly the only really good pure one, (for women) is the dyable Idealized Ebers robe. It is just a beautiful dress when properly dyed.

I want to know where you find the ROOM for all those different sets. ;p

Oh and I KNOW the pain of raid running for something (cough, demon Hat of Casting, cough) ;-)

Dayvan Cowboy

Spriggan (Chaos)

>I want to know where you find the ROOM for all those different sets

Haha I'm struggling with this too. I'm paying for 3 extra retainers that's it. Yeah I'm a hoarder :/
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