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Gilgamesh (Aether)

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Something Strange PT 3

I sprang up and hurdled my self out the carriage, loaded my pistol, fired a heated split shot, quickly loaded a slug and fired *pew* at my adversaries. 💥 Bamb! Critical 8507! Damage!

The foe on the right began casting Fire IV, while the other thrusted daggers 🗡 at me! I quickly dodged to the left, reassembled my pistol and fired my Drill....Merciful Death!

Their leader teleported, as I fired! Clean Shot! right through the mages head. The carriage driver had already fled the scene; Chocobos are fast creatures, surely ensuring their destination.

I teleported to Limsa to recover from my wounds, surely they would be expecting me in Foundation. I had made my choice to visit Count Edmonton de Fortemps and retell my encounter. This would give me a chance to apply some pressure and determine the root of the cause.

-Louie De Lioncourt

MCH Detective 🕵️‍♀️

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