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Gilgamesh (Aether)

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Something Strange

I ran upon a mysterious note it led me to Camp Dragonhead. It read:

“The Dark Brotherhood arises, flee now or see what surmises, The wind 💨 blows from the north and awakens the sleeping dragon. I lay this upon your soul that I may find you in time of need. The end is near, we must prevail against the darkness that awaits.”

Upon my arrival there was a maiden in hysteria. She ran up to me to say “you made it, they said you would come”. In my attempt to keep a straight face, I was puzzled, creating more questions. She said the body is there she pointed 👉 at a distant ledge. I began by searching for clues that would reveal the mystery of the note and the now a body that laid slain on the hill.

“Do you know who did this?” I asked, she replied “No” she revealed that a group of dark hooded men had visited the town a day prior my arrival, that they were waiting for the detective the machinist. I fit the profile but had no idea as to why I was beckon in this manner.

I began to search the body it was cold, and stiff it had been here a few hours and the Coerthean weather had preserved the terror of the helpless soul who now was dead. Upon rummaging through the various pocket I found a nearly empty vial 🧪 and small traces of a purple solution only remained. The cork had the initials H.F. House Fortemps quickly came to mind this would bare more investigation. For now the detective work continues, I will inquire the Knights of Whitebrim in hope to gather a more suitable lead.

Louise Lioncourt
MCH Detective 🕵️‍♀️
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