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A Day at the Beach

Happy Moonfire and such~!

I'm not a fan of precision platforming in games that weren't designed around it, so I really appreciate the addition of the fishing and cooking tasks.

ESPECIALLY the cooking tasks.

I LOVE cooking in video games, especially when I can go out and get the ingredients myself. If I could spend the whole day cooking and leaving the results all over the ground like I used to in Runescape, I'd totally spend all of my FF14 playtime doing so. But since I can't do that, my house and apartment is littered with food.

...I may or may not have a problem.

Anyway, while doing all that, I found a giant, intimidating bird:

I know that in-universe they're different breeds, but I like to imagine that, one day, my lalafell's chocobo will grow to be that size and he'll need a ladder to get on it.

I then played around in gpose for a bit while watching the fireworks:

So much better than real life fireworks. Much quieter.

And then I went back home to watch the sun rise through the fog:

Just a lala and his carbuncle. ...That I kinda wish mimicked our emotes while out of battle, or responded to them the way some minions do. Oh well. I guess I can continue to dream that one day carbuncles will be able to sit, or fairies will be able to rest on our shoulders.
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