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J to E 2021 From the journal of a resolute man



(Machine translation J to E)
We do not speak, we only pile up stones.
To gain knowledge, a stairway to the earth,
To keep our lives, a stairway to the heavens.
For the sake of the child, even if the child hates us.
----Excerpt from a man's journal

Also please refer to thread in forum

我ら we
黙して in silence, mute
語らず not speak, not talk

ただ just
石 stone(s)
積まん will pile up
「~~ん」 sometimes indicates a negative sentence, but here it is an affirmative sentence that expresses an intention.

"石を積む" evokes "賽の河原"(Sai-no-Kawara) for many Japanese.
"賽の河原" means Children's Limbo, Sisyphus' effort.

知 knowledge, intelligence?, wisdom?
得る gain, obtain, get
ため for
地へ続く (continued, connected) to earth, to land
階段 stairway (no information up or down)
命 lives
繋ぐ keep, survive
天 heaven
たとえ~~とも even if
子 child, offspring; descent; sibling; progeny; descendant
恨む hate, draw enmity, repent, regret, rue

There is no detail information for the "stairway".
It may means "we make the stairway", or "we climb the stairway".
I feel the "stairway" is made by "piling stones".
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