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Of Panda and Navel

Finally leveled my THM class to 30 thereby completing all my 2nd jobs for DOM (excluding Ast)! Earned that nifty <<Seeker of Truth title>> to join my smol list of titles. Now to try out the DOW classes but I'll probably save them for last just cause I don't think I'll enjoy tanking and dps queue is just >_>

Was happily looking through the marketboard doing my thing when I chanced upon the Lesser Panda selling at a relatively low price..
"GET IT." my brain shouted.
"No... you can grind for it at level 55" my heart argued back.
"Think of that dps queue for dungeons x100 times over"


I've also been doing my daily roulette with my White Mage as I quite like healing..but nothing prepared me for the sheer terror of healing during Titan.

Got into the Navel, casted 'protect', said my hi's and what not and the nightmare begins.

My party members were all almost constantly below half hp and I realized quite late that I was spamming 'Cure' instead of 'CureII'LOL then..

what a joke

Praise Hydaelyn while I was panicking we were already nearing the end of the fight and we all made it safe and soundwe were ||close to losing the tank

Me: Did we just survived? -lets out a cheer-
Tank: lol. -ran to exit and left-

Welp, lesson learnt. I'll always be carrying some sort of mp potions from now on. You have to understand I've been maining a Summoner that has 'Aetherflow' which replenishes mp and for my Black Mage 'transpose' and 'Umbral Ice' will solve the mp shortage. Boy, White Mage is a whole new world.

Bonus image of how I feel after the Navel and every subsequent trials/dungeons past level 30 as a WHM:

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Mahdi Draaken

Faerie (Aether)

one of the whm skills gives you a bit of mp back..not sure on the name at the moment

Kupo Warkson

Siren (Aether)

Shroud of Saints.

Also if everyone is taking damage you should be using Medica not Cure or Cure 2.

Venus Williams

Lamia (Primal)

Ah I don't believe I have that skill yet! Haha yeah I do use medica and cureII depending on the situation xD Sometimes medica alone isn't quite enough to fill up the tank's health so I'll top it up with cure/cureII!

Kupo Warkson

Siren (Aether)

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