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Raid Experience in PUG SHB expansion

Disclaimer; this is only based in My opinion and Experience. here to sharing some stuff

In Short, I find Raiding always something exciting in the game , I'm started raiding back then in Stormblood expansion . as New player who jump into something new like savage or extreme some of my few friends always told me about mechanics stuff or remind me to learn it by watching Guide, or reading macro First before going into the raid ( Except you're doing it in the first week it published ).

While Back then , there isn't have so many Guides as we have now , usually its only like One ( or two ) Macro being used in a certain Data center.

But as soon as Shadowbringers raiding came up , there's so many strategies to clear the fight,there's also many Macro circulate around pug , could have been Modificated or was some short static made party or even Macro after watched how the first clear done it .

While its not wrong to use Any strategies at long as we beat the bosses , the problem occurs when people didn't even giving a glance to read macro , or at least know what to do in Mechanics and literally do it how they usually to done it .

not to mention I find it amused when Few weeks ago i'm open party finder to learn specific middle phase Mechanics , someone joined with literally have no idea what to do , not knowing macro , or even doing previous tier savages and the party know after the groups asked why he keep dying in first mechanics XD;, and he said he doin it blind way. oh boy

same thing happened right now in [Duty complete] new Ex Trial , the order players line up is different between one and other macro get people killed ,

while sometimes I had it in frustration because not going into progress because something silly as this. I do hope people would giving more time to reading the macro before going to do it , i think its practically basic manner in PUG . Adapt and finish it.

Anyway hope you enjoy the raid
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The Developher really done very well job in this expansion thought , happy to seeWOL fighting along side Scions , is it gonna be trust new system 8 man solo in the future ? 8D

sorry if my English isn't good , En not my primary languages .
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