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Anna's M.I.N.E.adventures: Titania EX; AGAIN!


This Thursday was the start of the 80 EX primals MINE style, and first up Titania EX.

Now if you read my blogs, you know I have already done this one MINE, so it was curious how this group would do on her. Plus some were actually NEW to her, so it was going to be an interesting fight. So HOW did we do?

It was a rough start. People were new to the mechanics and were dying to them because they did not know what to do. (BIG surprise, right? ;p ) Eventually they learned what to do properly for the most part, but we kept dying on the add phase. (wow, BIG surprise there too! ;p ) But we got through THAT too.

The first time we got to the last phase we saw enrage, the second time we cleared her, so not too bad. All in all it took up about an hour and 40 minutes to do it, 2 sessions total. The first group I did it with only took one 60 min session.

We also tried Innocence a little bit, but we were not serious on it, we just wanted to see how it was. That will be for next week. ;-)
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