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Anna's M.I.N.E adventures: Shinryu EX DOWN!


FINALLY, after 2 and a half weeks of progging this, that stupid pain in the ass serpent, Shinryu is defeated! YAY!

Oh man was he annoying! I swear, I was soooo sick of doing phase one over, and over, and OVER again! that phase is sooooooooo LONG, AGGGGH!

Last week we did get to phase three, so I was REALLY hoping we would clear this week. But that was almost NOT the case!

We got the clear on the very last pull of the night, the LAST one! :O
And I will not lie, it was damn luck we did it. :P

During the night we had saw phase three a few times, but not really enough to know it well. So the fact that we got easy random stuff REALLY helped!

Oh and AGAIN I died RIGHT at the END of the fight! GRRRRRRRR!

But hey, we killed the damn thing and it is OVER with, so I will TAKE it! ;p

And with this victory, the 70 EX primals are conquered MINE style! yay! (I look so cool in that pic, I LOVE it!)

Next up we are going to do all the 80 ones, right up to Diamond. Well, when people actually HAVE 80's that can DO all of them! Some people have yet to get there I-level wise.

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Ryoko Orikasa

Louisoix (Chaos)

Congrats Anna!
I guess you already have a headstart on the team since you cleared a couple level 80 EXs already haha.

I wish the best of luck!

Annabel Ashcroft

Faerie (Aether)

Well, yes, kind of. I have every 80 EX cleared except for Hades and Ruby, but not MINE.
The only 80 ex primal I have done MINE is Titania.

But I really don't see much issue with most of them, except for SoS Ex, which will be brutal since it is soooo long, tiring, and sooooo easy to mess up on. I am told Hades EX is actually pretty hard MINE too, we will see.
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