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Anna's REAL live stuff: Series X: 3 month update


So first off, this is actually MORE than 3 months since I got the thing at Christmas, but I was lazy doing it. ;p But I wanted to give a little update on how things are going with this Xbox Series X. Man, can you believe the things are STILL a pain in the ass to get now? :O

So how is it? Still awesome! LOL

Seriously, that whole 'game state' thing is sooooo good that I don't want to play games on my computer anymore! Being able to go from turning on the system to be playing in 15 seconds is just fantastic!

Note: of course not ALL the games can do this, especially ones that rely on an online status such as Outriders. That one you got to log on to the server first. Also, many older games won't use the 'game state', so they boot up from start every time. Surprisingly though, Bless Unleashed, a MMO that I am playing, DOES use the game state when you start it; you just need to resync to the server when you start it up, which does not take that long.

But many of the newer ones do use the 'instant play' thing such as 'Like a Dragon', that one is SUPER quick to load, like 8 seconds.

One of the more interesting things I have discovered is the xbox remote play. It allows you to access and play games on your series X from a tablet or phone, and let me tell you it WORKS! :O

I was shocked! I was actually playing games on my PHONE AND Ipad, even online ones such as Bless! Imagine if you could do this with FF14! :O

Ok, it's not perfect. On my 3 year old Ipad pro I was seeing pixilation, but surprisingly not on the phone which is a pretty old Moto G5 plus. I can only imagine how much better this would work with a more modern phone with more ram and a better screen. But I thought it was pretty neat playing games in bed when the xbox was in another room.

Note: I have not tried this over cell service, only home internet. My phone is probably too old for it and plus, I only have a gig of data a month, so don't want to try this until I change my phone plan and get a better phone. Also, you obviously need to be using a controller to do this well. Luckily, ones exist for phones JUST for this purpose! ;p

So what else...... I still love the face that I have 2.1 HDMI support for my OLED and Atmos sound support, all nice and modern. ;p

I like the fact the thing is so compact, it makes it REALLY easy to move it to my gaming house to play on the 120 in projection screen and have it on the surround sound setup.

Game Pass continues to be just an AWESOME thing, sooooo many games on there to play for both xbox AND the computer! Not only do you have all of the microsoft and indy stuff on there, you have a ton of EA games, and now a ton of Bethesda games to access! And did I mention all of the older 360 and original xbox games? Which are a LOT! I swear, people who say X-box has no games are just full of shit! Sure, they may not have exclusives, but not EVERYTHING has to be unique or the 'Cult of the New' people!

And finally, I even installed emulation on it, so I can access games from nearly any old game system, INCLUDING Playstation 1 AND 2, ALL of the older Nintendo systems, original arcade games from back in the day, and many older systems.

One thing I REALLY wish it had though was access to FF!4, that would have been great. But of course it will never happen thanks to Microsoft.

Bad stuff? Well 'Game state' is really really good, but it isn't perfect. Sometimes it WILL lose the game for some odd reason so you end up rebooting from scratch. It's annoying, but rare. I have also had the occasional game crash, but it seemed to be just a couple of games, like Immortals, that did it. Most play just fine with no issues.

Game storage can be an issue if you download a lot of stuff, but I picked up a five terabyte drive for game storage and put stuff on there that I don't play much of and older stuff that I know does not use the game state on the main drive. With that, I only have 40% of the main drive full.

Games I am playing now on it as I write this

Blessed Unleashed
Like a Dragon
Octopath Traveler
Cyberpunk (on hold till upgrade patch)

So all in all, great purchase. I have not tried to obtain a PS5 yet even though I have the money to buy one. Honestly, I really don't know when I would have the time to play anything on it with me doing so much on the X-box.

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