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Has the Lodestone gone down THAT much?


If one looks at the most liked section of the Lodestone this morning, you will see that currently there are only four blogs there....

Let me say that again, there are only FOUR blogs, out of a possible TWENTY that can be there!

What....the....Hell? :O

I mean I knew the Lodestone was slowly going downhill and dying, but not THAT much.

As people have noticed, due to piss poor blog views I barely post anymore other than MINE runs, (which have terrible views), and the occasional other posts like this one. Hell, the last post to break a hundred was the Lala one.

But surely other posts are being looked at enough and be liked to make it to the list. The fact they are not REALLY speaks volumes about how much this site has degenerated.

It MIGHT pick back up with the new patch next week, but we will see. I think it is just people have abandoned it in droves for other venues like discord and ff14 fan sites.

It's kind of sad really. I used to love posting here and getting reactions to my stuff. Now it is so dead, I am lucky to break 50 views anymore much less getting past 100.

But all sites eventually die as people move on. Maybe it's finally time for this one after 6+ years.

And yes, I am STILL going to write up 5.5 as well as the final story to complete Shadowbringers for the very few people that still read them, even though I KNOW the view counts will be shit on it. ;-)

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R'ehya Lucifura

Ragnarok (Chaos)

I was thinking to blog more also since I feel more lonely nowadays on the game. But even here, I agree with you, there are almost no reactions, likes, or views. I do come every now and then and try to comment on random posts. I always saw blogs like personal journals, that I'll open up one day to view good memories. If you keep posting, it's mostly because you like it right? Doing something for yourself is also good... right?

Kupo Warkson

Siren (Aether)

And half of the blogs that get posted are just people linking fflogs or other things to their character.

It started going downhill when I quit a while back. So it's probably my fault.

Annabel Ashcroft

Faerie (Aether)

R'ehya, if you look at my blog posts, I have over 700+ on here. I used to be pretty popular that at one time I had 11 spots out of the top 20 of most liked posts.

But things change, the old people stopped playing, left, and newer players had no interest in blogging or reacting to posts. People who were my fans left and the view counts dropped drastically.

People have told me they prefer things like discord groups now to comment on stuff. Many FF14 players belong to one or more of them now.

Lalli Physalis

Sargatanas (Aether)

Yeah, I noticed too. My RP blogs were never really poppin' (which I think is normal since the genre only appeals to a slice to the already small population of the Lodestone) but I would typically still get anywhere between 30 to 50 views the first day I posted something. Now I'm lucky if I get 15.

Who knows, maybe for Endwalker this site will be modernized and draw new people in? A boi can dream.

Annabel Ashcroft

Faerie (Aether)

Yeah it's kind of funny about the stories. Those latest 'Modern Girl' ones were getting 500+ views for some reason, but the last two hardly got any. It was just sooo weird.

Sigh, I really need to get that going again and continue the chapter. I did so much in such a short time, I just got tired, stopped, and never went back.

Anisha Dawn

Twintania (Light)

Some of us 'old people' are still here, we just don't say anything that piques your interest. By old, I'm assuming you mean total time spent actively playing FFXIV. My account turns 8 yrs old in September. What has remained true throughout the lodestone's existence is that even the people on the forums know that the lodestone exists, and the majority of the players in-game don't know about it either.

Anisha Dawn

Twintania (Light)

^even the people don't know**

Also blogging in general has been down since the era of skype and other social media. I remember when LiveJournal and other blogging sites were a huge thing.
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