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Anna's M.I.N.E adventures: Crystal Tower: LotA


Believe it or not, I actually got a chance to do the Crystal Tower raids MINE style! The Dirty Casuals discord group organized a MINE run of Crystal Tower to get a chance to see those raids in all their mechanic glory.

Yesterday was the first of the three, Labyrinth of the Ancients ,and let me tell you, it was the most fun I have EVER experienced doing that raid! And yes, I was healing it.

So how hard was it? Weeeellll, we um......wiped on the very first pull.....

Yeah, we REALLY messed up. No one was prepared for what the creatures would actually DO! LOL

But the 2nd pull we got it right and got to the bone dragon with no further issues.

As for the Bone Dragon, there were no wipes and the skeletons were tanked correctly, so no issues there. Healing was not too bad either since everyone did everything right.

For the next part, the split was interesting for the fact there were a TON of creatures to deal with. They just kept coming and coming since it took a while to kill the Atomos. They were not hard to deal with, just that there were a lot of them.

After that was Thanatos and the magic pots. Now this one was interesting in that we actually had to protect the pots and worry about them. It became a bit of an obsession NOT to have your group's pot damaged by the sandmen, and we worked really hard to keep our poor thing safe, actually to the point I chose our group's pot over the tank who died! LOL We all laughed about that afterwards, poor tank. ;p All in all though, this one was pretty easy to do.

Next up was the bomb and demons. This one was crazy since those demon swipes REALLY hurt, not to mention the adds, those were real bastards when they blew up! A LOT of people died but it was not a wipe, we were able to recover and finish it.

Now Behemoth, oh Behemoth.......... You know how much of a pushover he is in a normal run, right. Think he is the same way here?

Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha, no he is NOT!

TWO wipes people, we had TWO complete wipes on him! He was HARD!

There was a LOT of crap happening all at once and it was really difficult to heal this if people did wrong things, which they DID! And remember the big ass explosions he does? Yeah, WORSE here thanks to the aforementioned crap happening at the SAME time! Oh, and did I mention the towers spewing electricity all over the ground causing constant AOE damage? Yeah, this one was a BITCH!

And finally the end. Phlegethon. He actually was not too much different than doing it on normal, just more flares and more weird AOE patterns on the ground since he took longer to kill. Compared to ol Behemoth, he was kind of a let down. Soon he was down and victory was gotten in about 40 min of run time

And there you go, LotA. Some interesting mechanics, but not too hard since it was the only first of the three. The other 2 will probably be harder, especially the 3rd one

Next week will be Sycrus Tower, looking forward to it!
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Kupo Warkson

Siren (Aether)

I miss all the old content. Healing was actually fun back then because you actually had to heal. Nowadays it's just dps and use the occasional ogcd heal.
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