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Anna's M.I.N.E adventures: Snakes and Serpants


So last Thursday we were able to clear ol' Snakey. It did not take too long, we just needed to adjust for all the crap the 3rd phase throws at you and remember timing and positioning. Once you do that you can stay alive long enough to kill him. I will admit though that we did it RIGHT when the enrage was casting so it was VERY close!

But hey, we did it and it is onto Shinryu, the WORST of the bunch! And this was going to be on MINE level. God help me! :O

Shinryu is a truly scary primal. Even on normal mode he was SO bad that SE had to nerf him due to all the bitching that people did trying to clear the trial and failing. (I will say that when I did it back in the day, (before he was nerfed), we did it in ONE try with NO deaths, HA!)

The EX version is obviously worse, MUCH worse! There is sooo much stuff going on and is sooooo easy to fall off that I just don't know HOW people managed to farm this back in the day. I mean it is SOS EX bad!

Also, this trial has the distinction of having a very vary hard stage one. Usually the EX trial's stage one is not bad, but this one....oh boy!

And yes, stages 2 and 3 are WORSE!

As you know, there is a 9x9 grid of breakable blocks, which can break if too many attacks of various kinds hit them. SO to keep as many blocks as possible intact, you need to constantly shift around to divvy up the attacks between the blocks. Yeah, it's harder than it sounds with all the chaos around you. Mess up and you can end up trapped with no where to go.

There are also puddles to go into and stay out of depending on the attack. Attacks that come from behind you, attacks that push you around, turn the arena to ice, cause multiple AOE's to hit one place, those damn earth shakers, lightening, fire, stack, spread, UGH, sooooo much crap! And this is phase ONE!

Oh yeah, and that stupid TAIL that whops you! WHY am I doing this MINE again? Oh yeah, sucker for punishment! ;p

We only got practice on phase one when we did it, I think it will be a bit before we see phase 2. There are just soooo many mechanics to get right to keep from dying too much.

I am thinking probably like 3 weeks total on this one to clear it. Maybe 4 if we really suck.

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