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Anna's M.I.N.E.adventures: Kaliya and Phoenix


It's once more Sunday which means more MINE stuff, and this time we continue with T11: Kaliya.

Last week there was nothing to report since we were only able to prog for 2 hours got little practice. This week though we got the full 3 hours in and got a lot done.

As we were able to get to phase 3 now pretty consistently, we were able to see the tether part of the fight. If you do a lot of raid fights, you KNOW tethers. Stay close with the partner of the same color and try to ALSO do the required mechanics, which in this case was the gas attacks and cleaves, plus the stack/spread thing. This was hard since the tethered players had to be in specific places to live through the attacks and NOT get too far apart or both would die instantly. Yay, FUN! ;p

Luckily for us we were able to work the rust off quickly and get dialed in. Once we got used to tether placement it only took us 6 pulls to beat her. SO T11 is DOWN and on to T12!

T12: Phoenix is another one where you have to be VERY precise with proper placement of pertty much EVERYTHING in the fight, from adds, to area wide AOE's to personal AOE's, to dive bombs, yeah EVERYTHING!!!! It sounds like a bitch and it IS! But with proper placement of everything, it really is not that bad. Plus we had callouts which REALLY helped.

First off there are 4 adds, Bennu, which come up one at a time. These have to be directed to specific areas and killed because you do NOT want their corpses to overlap when they get revived later. (Stupid phoenix raising dead things!) If they do they get a ton of buffs which make them hard to kill, PLUS they do more damage! :O Yeah, keep them APART! These pop up throughout stage one and two.

Also we have blackfire and whitefire. These are puddles that NEED to be put in proper places or BAD things happen! First Blackfire comes and gets placed properly, then someone gets targeted with whitefire and has to make sure it overlaps with their assigned blackfire so that it gets hit. Once hit, it can be attacked and killed to get rid of it.

After Phoenix reaches 80% health, he no longer uses Blackfire or Whitefire. Instead, he gains three new abilities:

At the start of this phase, a player will receive the 'Brand of Purgatory' debuff. This debuff needs to be passed on to another player whenever Phoenix begins casting 'Flames of Unforgiveness', or it will kill the bearer at the end of the cast. The debuff can be passed by walking through another player - both players will take damage from the transfer, and once the cast of 'Flames of Unforgiveness' completes, the original bearer of the debuff will take damage.

Sounds a real mess, right? This gets assigned to the healers to deal with so they can heal after the hits. For us it was White mage (AKA: ME!) doing the healing of the afflicted while the scholar kept healing the tanks. It was quite difficult to heal this and I had to be FAST! Oh for some instant healing spells! :O Honestly though, we really did not have too much trouble with this.

There was also Bluefire and redfire during this.

Bluefire targets a random damage dealer with a blue marker. After a few seconds, they will drop a large blue AoE at their feet which all players must move away from. A few seconds later, that AoE condenses into a smaller puddle which must still be avoided.

Redfire occurs shortly after Bluefire, spawning a fiery sphere and tethering it to a random damage dealer. The sphere will travel towards the tethered player and, if it connects, deals a large amount of fire damage and applies a raid-wide damage over time effect. This effect can be mitigated by having a player stand in the Bluefire pool to get the debuff, and then intercepting the fiery sphere as it travels towards the target.

This was also not that much trouble as long as the bluefire was placed correctly. If it wasn't, oh boy! Oh, this was also SUPER fun when one of the healers got bluefire and ALSO had to deal with Brand and Flames. BLEH!

Like I said, we had little trouble with these mechanics and got to phase three pretty easily.

At 52% health, Phoenix will fly upwards and appear at the northern side of the arena, untargettable and wreathed in flame. This flame instantly kills anyone who stands in it.

Phoenix will continuously cast 'Flames of Rebirth' during this phase, with each cast increasing in power. After each cast of this ability, any dead Bennus that haven't been defeated twice during this phase will be revived, casting a maximum HP buff on other nearby Bennus as they rise. Once a Bennu dies, the tanks should move any living Bennus away from its body so that they are not buffed when that Bennu resurrects. This phase ends when all Bennus have been permanently slain, marked by the wreath of flame around Phoenix dissipating and Phoenix casting Rebirth.

And of COURSE bluefire and redfire and ALSO being cast during this still, so you gotta mess with THOSE mechanics TOO! We actually did this blinds and got through it with good call outs. People kept those birdies apart well.

After a while, Phoenix will no longer cast Redfire or Bluefire - however he gains a number of new mechanics:

A Fountain of Fire will spawn every so often somewhere close to Phoenix - this will tether to Phoenix or any player who stands in the fountain. Every few seconds, the Fountain applies a stacking debuff to the player standing in it, increasing the damage of further pulses from the fountain. If there is no player in the Fountain, the pulse will grant a Flames of Rebirth stack to Phoenix. Players will need to alternate who stands in the fountain to ensure nobody dies from too many stacks of the debuff.

A smaller Phoenix clone will appear in the centre of the arena and perform a charge towards the outside - this should be avoided. Additionally, a number of Phoenix hatchlings appear and tether to random players - the hatchlings will fly in a straight line through the tethered player and off the arena, so these should be pointed away from other players.

Phoenix will also periodically cast Flames of Rebirth during this phase, gaining a stack of the associated buff. Any player that dies during this phase will also provide a stack of the Flames of Rebirth buff to Phoenix - those stacks increase the damage dealt by Flames of Rebirth.

Brands of Purgatory and Revelations both still occur as normal in this phase, but THIS time it is the tanks, NOT the healers handling them. This is because the healers will have their hands full just trying to keep EVERYONE alive with all the AOE crap happening.

Also very so often, Phoenix will fly away and drop area of effect circles on the ground, while his smaller minions target charges around the arena. These should be easy to dodge, and no other mechanics occur during these intermissions.

Let me tell you, this stage was INSANE! OMG the damage, the DAMAGE! I was soooooooo drained CONSTANTLY! Anyone that says White mage has unlimited MP OBVIOUSLY has NEVER done THIS fight MINE!!!! Oh course the raises probably didn't help EITHER with the MP draining!

Surprisingly though, we ACTUALLY got Phoenix down to 5%, FIVE percent! But I was just too MP drained to keep the party up so we eventually wiped. As it was the first time to see all this, I did not have the experience to know how to heal it properly and was just casting healing spells willy-nilly to keep people up. Still, 5% is pretty damned good, and there is a good chance we will clear it next week.

So there you go, one more down and another one almost down. Soon we will be at T13, then the REAL hell begins! :O

Comments (2)

Kupo Warkson

Siren (Aether)

T11 is lots of fun. My first ever clear my co-healer kept resing into AoEs and dying again (this was before res immunity was a thing). I was practically solo healing the entire final phase.

Annabel Ashcroft

Faerie (Aether)

LOL, speaking of raising, I found out not to do ANY raising at ALL in T12 while you have Brands or Flame on you since the person that was just raised ends up RIGHT in your AOE circle and pretty much um.....DIES. :O

Guess how I found THAT out! LOL
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