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A new comms record!


Today I got ol' Titania for trial roulette. It was one of those 'join party in progress' things.

It seems the group was having some REAL trouble with her; there had been 2 wipes and both healers had bailed on them. From the chat, it seemed that these were a bunch of newbies who did not know the fight very well. I assured them that since I had even cleared the EX version of her at MINE level I knew the fight and could help. We finally got a second healer and we were off.

Oh boy, it was a bit rough. it was VERY evident on the 2nd phase they did NOT know what they were doing. Peace was NOT being tanked and people were attacking things willy-nilly, not focusing on mustard. It was not long before a wipe.

After we restarted I told them that Peace and Puck NEEDED to be tanked and the proper order of adds to attack. It still was rough, but we managed to clear phase 2 with the bar at 95%. (I REALLY thought we would fail again.)

Once we got to phase 3 though it was fine. People did what they were supposed to do and we eventually got the clear. Since I stayed alive, I was able to keep everyone healed up for the most part.

And afterwards, I saw this.

SEVEN comms! :O

Yeah, THAT will probably never happen again for a LONG while! LOL

But it was nice to feel appreciated for helping. ;-)

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Walabi Labi

Gilgamesh (Aether)

I still get flashbacks of Titania Normal. For some reason, that fight is absolutely cursed. Most of the time I was randomly queued up into it, it went tiddies up -real- fast, especially the add phase. I was mostly tanking when ShB came out, but it seems the other tank was always completely ignoring the other add, or fighting for the same add as me.

Seeing the whole bunch during Heroes' Gauntlet made me happy in a melancholic way, after so many "meme" moments, it was like meeting with old pals.

Annabel Ashcroft

Faerie (Aether)

LOL. that sooooo sounds like it was today. ;p

Seriously, the tank that was supposed to be on Peace was fighting Mustard! :O

Yeah, a real mess!
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