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Anna's M.I.N.E adventures: Moons and Tigers.


Another Thursday and another attempt of the insane moon loving primal, Tsukuyomi.

It took a while to work off the weekly rust this time, people kept dying to the moon phases. Eventually we worked it out and from there it was just getting our act together on phase 4. Yeah, those AOE's were killer in more ways then one, HA!

Eventually though we FINALLY got the clear after a hour of doing it, and I ended up dying RIGHT at the end of it, Damn it, almost a perfect run! Bleh!

After that we then decided to try the tiger primal, Byakko. We ended up going in blind with only a 10 min explanation of the mechanics, then we were off.

Ol' Puss is actually not that hard. He has mainly a bunch of AOE's to dodge plus a bunch of orbs. There is also a 4/4 stack which is easy if you prepare with assigned people to each 4. There is an add you need to burn down to as little health as possible since Byakko does damage depending on how much health is left. Lots/you die, little/it's not bad.

This is also the Primal with the infamous air dodging. You get thrown up in the air and have to dodge a whole lotta crap while falling. The EX version just has more crap than the normal one.

Honestly, it turned out that this was not that hard of a primal to do, even on MINE. We managed to clear him after the fourth pull, and this was a Blind run too, with no prep before hand.

It's funny though, we did it on the very LAST pull of the night. We were going to quit, but decided on one last pull, and we ended up getting the clear. ;p

And of course, once AGAIN my ONLY death was RIGHT at the very END of the fight! AGGGGGH!

But oh well, hey a TWO MINE EX clear night, YAY!

Next up will be the birdy primal. Only 3 left in the 70's! They are going by quick, which does not surprise me. With more skills, it is kind of easier to do them than the older ones.

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