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Modern Girl: Call me, Maybe? Chapter 5 part 3

Part 3:

The trip to the museum was relatively uneventful. It was a beautiful crisp autumn day with relativity light traffic, so the Ashcroft sisters made good time. A nearby clock struck noon as Annabel pulled the car into a parking garage. Lord, she HOPED that Adora had been too busy to have had time to bother with the packages. If not, she would see that ruined book, probably think someone had made a mistake sending it, and throw it out.

Still though, if her sister did pitch it, maybe it would be easier to get it that way. No, Annabel had NO wish to go 'dumpster diving' and try to figure out where the damn thing had ended up. She would stick with the plan she had. Getting out of the car, she noticed that as she had suspected, the sparkles were mostly gone having clung to Alea's bottom. Glancing at her sister's ass, Annabel saw that they weren't TOO noticeable. Good, one less thing for her to do.

She debated whether to leave the pack in the car, then thought better of it. The whole point of the thing was to control the nature of that book popping unexpectedly to her and she really did NOT want that to happen, especially now with Alea around. Pulling it out from the back seat, Annabel slung both it and her purse around her shoulder. This caused Alea to frown.

"Sis, why in the world are you bringing that, it's not like you are going to class or anything. And besides, you know they search all bags at the entrance so that will delay us even more."

Annabel paused with a start, Fuck, fuck fuck, she had forgotten about that. She could not very well let them search it and find Selene inside. NOW what was she going to do? She was damned if she left it and dammed if she brought it. A sudden thought about what Selene had said earlier gave her an idea.

"Alea, go on ahead, I need to um....powder my nose, I'll meet you downstairs in a bit." This caused Alea to roll her eyes; "really, now? Gee sis, when ARN'T you concerned with your looks. Fine, just don't take too long". With that, Alea bounced away heading for the nearby stairs and was soon lost from sight.

Setting the pack down, Annabel unzipped it and said; "Selene, I need you out here. They're going to search the pack when I enter the museum and I can't very well have the guards find you in there."

The fairy popped out and stretched. "Really? Wonderful, great 'plan' you had there with this Blondie; it's already going to shit."

"You shoosh, this isn't the norm, just a bit of bad luck. Anyway, I need you to do your trick again, shrink yourself and get in my jacket."

Selene looked up at the red jacket. "Are you kidding, in THERE? No WAY!" She pointed at the top of Annabel's head. "What's wrong with the rat's nest, it worked before."

"HEY", the pretty blonde said, eyes narrowing; "NO dissing the hair! And HOW would I explain you to Alea? 'Oh don't mind me sis, I just felt like sticking a butterfly in my hair at the last minute.'"

"Well, from what I have seen of you, that excuse TOTALLY makes sense." The fairy laughed as she flew up. "Oh come on, she knows you and the dumb things you do, and we need to get that book, QUICKLY."

"Shit, fine, but you get me caught and I'm totally giving you to the museum. Adora would have a field day with you." She pointed to her head, "get on."

Doing her little 'trick', there was a twinkling and small flash of light, and once more the fairy shrank to about 4 inches in height. As Selene landed, Annabel felt the tug and pull of her honey-blonde locks until Selene settled in.

"All set", she called down to her mistress. "You know, if you could actually cast this instead of me, it would last a LOT longer and be more versatile. But I guess it's a moot point since we won't be together long enough for you to care to learn it."

Annabel scoffed as she once more picked up the pack and slung it over her shoulder., "You got that right. You settled in? Good, lets catch up to Alea, we've wasted enough time already; and don't you DARE move while I'm around her!"

Rushing down the garage's staircase, Annabel soon reached the bottom and headed out to the museum's front lobby. Sure enough as Alea had said, guards waited with scanners to check any bag that was coming into the place. The girl herself waited on the other side waving urgently. "Come on Annabel, get that done and let's go."

Going through the process, the guard checked both of Annabel's bags, cleared her, and soon the young woman was through to the other side no worse for wear. Alea frowned when she saw her and pointed to Annabel's head.

"Really, you stayed behind to put THAT in your hair? What the hell sis, you got some weird thing with butterflies or something? First that silly one Candi gave you, which your always wearing, and now that one on your head." Alea just shook her cute head disbelievingly and said; "what, did she give you that one too?"

"None of your business Alea, God, can't a girl look nice without being grilled by her silly younger sister? You know, you could certainly do with a few fashion tips from your elegant older sister."

"Yeah probably, but Adora is always too busy", Alea quipped causing Annabel to give a nasty look to her younger sibling and Selene to shake slightly in Annabel's hair from trying not to laugh at Alea's comeback.

"Oh, your soooo funny. I'll remember that the next time you need help getting ready for a date." She pointed to a nearby elevator; "let's go, do you remember the floor Adora's on?"

"Um," Alea thought for a moment. "Isn't she down on the lower levels? I think that's where they keep all those books. Why don't we just ask the receptionist. Come on, she's right over there", pointing to a booth in the middle of the lobby.

Annabel just shrugged and followed her sister, winding her way through the crowded lobby. Was this typical for a weekday? Annabel didn't really know, she rarely came here and why would she? Museums were for those who had nothing better to do with their time, like have a life. God, she hoped no one she knew from the sorority saw her here, she would never live that social faux pas down.

Eventually the two reached the booth and asked their question. Surprisingly, their destination was on the upper levels, not lower. This was good since non staff were not allowed down there; the two would have had to have been escorted. Since there was nothing but offices on the upper floor, the girls could up unchaperoned as long as they had an appointment. Alea thanked her and the two moved away to discuss what to do next.

"Well there you go", Annabel said as the two sat on a nearby bench. "We go up, find Adora, and you distract her while I find my package and stick it in the pack, easy peasy."

Alea looked VERY doubtful. "Forgive me ol' wise and older sister, but I find a MILLION things wrong with that 'plan' of yours."

"Oh come on, like what?"

Alea raised her hand as she checked off her grievances, one finger at a time.

"One, HOW do you know which package it is, they all say A. Ashcroft, remember?

Two, we don't even know if they ARE in her office, she may have dumped the things downstairs already.

And, this is the big one. Three, Adora is NOT an idiot Annabel, she'll see RIGHT though this; and that's IF she doesn't outright kick us out!"

Annabel looked shocked, "She would never, we're her SISTERS for crying out loud; blood thicker than water and all that. Don't worry, she'll see us. She'll do it for curiosities sake more than anything else. She cannot help but wonder why BOTH of her sisters are coming to see her here. As for the other two, don't worry, I will know and I bet they are still up there, trust me Alea."

Alea did a cute little snort then a fidget, God, did she EVER turn it off? In this case though, Annabel hoped Alea's too cute nature would keep Adora on her and cause her sister to forget about Annabel herself.

"Annie, there are only two reasons I am here. One, I want that money; and two, your crazy plan is the only interesting thing that has happened in days. Plus, I can't help but see if it's dumb enough to actually succeed. Can't lie though, I AM nervous; I hate riling up our sister, she has a looooong memory."

"God, you're right there", acknowledged Annabel, "that memory of hers is a curse for us both. I'll tell you what, since it's noon, I'll throw in lunch to sweeten the deal if we succeed, which I'm SURE we will. Sound good?"

Alea smiled and nodded vigorously. "You bet and I know just the place. Prepare to spend a lot sis cause this little caper is going to have me work up an appetite."

Annabel sighed; she wished SHE had one but her stomach was in knots. She talked a brave talk but Alea was right, Adora was no fool. It would take some serious good luck and fortune for this plan not to go screwy. And considering how Annabel's luck had been lately, Alea was going to have to work for EVERY bit of that money.

continued: part 4.

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Annabel Ashcroft

Faerie (Aether)

Since the view counts continue to be unusually high for this, I am continuing to churn it out since I am motivated to do it.

Surprisingly, it's caused a bit of a continuity issue with the older entries. I screwed up on something involving Selene and I am debating whether to just let it slide or figure out some way to retcon it, or explain it away.

Oh well, I'll figure it out....somehow. ;p
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