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Modern Girl: Call me, Maybe? Chapter 5 part 2

Part: 2

Alea Ashcroft came bounding down the stairs with the seemingly unlimited energy of one in their teen years. The sixteen year old was blond like her sisters, just with a lot more of a curl in her hair. This made the girl insufferably cute and innocent looking. Alea took full advantage of it to get people on her side for various reasons, which annoyed the hell out of her other sisters, especially Annabel. For this reason and Alea's rather perky personality, Anna tried to avoid her younger sister. But as they both lived in the same house, eventually times like these would happen.

Annabel put her hands on her hips as Alea reached the upper landing; "and WHY do you want to know that Alea, since when do you take an interest of where I go?"

Alea pouted that too cute pout of hers, God the girl poured it on thick. "Oh come on, can't a sister be curious of her sibling? It only shows I care."

"Ha, care my ass, more like nosy. Don't you have anything better to do then bug me? I am in a rush and need to get going," The older Ashcroft pulled the keys out of her purse, "lots of stuff to do today."

"With a backpack on you?" Alea came down to where Annabel was standing and took a closer look at it. "If I didn't know any better I would say you were actually going to class, but this is YOU we are talking about, there can't be possibly be books in there. Hey," she took a closer look, "you forgot to zip it up, here, let me." She reached over and zipped it up before Annabel could pull away from her. Seeing Alea's hand approaching, Selene quickly ducked down as deep as she could get.

"HEY, don't touch!" Annabel turned her body away then turned back to her sister. "Geeze you're annoying! And I will have you KNOW Alea, that there IS a book in there, so kiss my ass."

"Well, EXCUSE me," the teen said with mock hurt. "Just trying to help. First Adora today and now you, no one appreciates me. "

"Well", Annabel began, "can you blame us.....wait, Adora was here today? When?"

Alea raised a hand and waved it around, "Oh this morning, some packages arrived kind of early. I signed for them, curious to see what they were. It was just some more crap from that auction house; you know Smith something or another. I took them to Adora curious to know what she had bought THIS time, but of course she just told me to scram, she had work to do. Sooooo typical of her, never has time for me, stupid sister. "

Annabel, startled to hear this, interrupted her sister. "Wait, back up, what you do mean 'packages' arrived? I didn't hear anything. Were there any for me?"

"Well I'm not surprised Miss, I don't get up till after 10 AM. They were in the early post, marked morning delivery I think. Anyway, no sis, there was nothing with your name on it and why would there be silly, it's not like YOU would be getting anything from a book auction house. "

Annabel quickly took out her phone and looked at the tracking again. It said to her horror, 'delivered'. What the hell? She had JUST looked at it not 20 minutes ago! Of all her damn luck; it had probably changed right after she had stopped looking, shit.

Annabel bit her lip, worried, her voice grew more serious. "Alea, think, are you SURE there was nothing with my name on it."

"No dear sister, I am SURE there wasn't. I am telling you, there was nothing with 'Annabel Ashcroft' on them, they all said 'A. Ashcroft'. Since they came from that auction house we know they're always for Adora, so I just gave them all to her."

Annabel's mouth dropped, stunned. A. Ashcroft? What the Fuck? You're KIDDING? Of all the stupidest things........ She did not know what to say at first but soon found words. "ALL of gave all of them to Adora, Alea......"

"What?" Alea looked confused. "What's wrong Annabel, you look like you don't feel so well. What's the big deal? You act like I just did something terrible."

Boy did you ever, Annabel thought, but she could not clarify that to her younger sister. A. Ashcroft, Annabel guessed she could not REALLY blame her sister for this; all their names began with A. It had been an easy enough mistake to make, A=Adora. In this case though it should have been A=Annabel. Damn that place, now what was she going to do? Suddenly, a thought jumped into Annabel's mind; maybe she could fix this AND use this silly girl's help with getting her package back.

"No Alea," Annabel finally said giving the girl a reassuring smile. "You didn't, it's just that one of those packages WAS for me. It was project for one of my classes. I saw it at the auction and figured it would help, and you know I need all the help I can get at times...."

"Boy do you EVER," Alea interrupted. Still, really? You actually PAID for a book, you. Wow, how desperate were you sis?"

"Cute", Annabel said looking miffed, but she caught herself from making a retort and continued. "And yes, I WAS kind of desperate enough to spend my allowance money on it. so you can see why I am kind of upset it fell into Adora's hands."

"Well just call her and tell her which one of those packages is yours", Alea pointed out. "I'm sure she'll put it aside for you."

Ugh, leave it to her to think of something 'practical' for once, damn it. Annabel bit her lip thinking, then spoke "Weell, you see, Alea, I kinda don't want her to know that I bought anything at the auction. I was supposed to be helping her last night and if she found out I bid on something, she'll get on me for slacking off when I was supposed to be working. You know how she can get......"

Alea looked at her big sister with skepticism on her cute face. "Really, you? Come on Annie, since when do you care what Adora thinks of you. You're acting AWFULLY weird...."

Fuck you Alea, can't you act NORMAL for once? What the hell is WITH you today?

"LOOK", Annabel's tone raised and she tried not to get hysterical, "it's important THIS time'reasons'. I need to get it and I need you to come with me to distract Adora while I get it."

"ME?" Now it was Alea who looked hysterical. "Let me get this straight Annie, you want me to go to Adora's office, WHILE she is at work and 'distract' her while YOU get this book that you just MUST have?"

"Yep," Annabel nodded, "sounds about right."

"Are you CRAZY? Alea yelled back. "She would KILL me if I bugged her at her work place. Do you remember what happened the last time I tried it?"

"Um..." Annabel tried to recall it until it finally surfaced. Oh yeah, it was bad.....shit. Well, it MIGHT still work....maybe.

"But that was YEARS ago, you were what, 13? I am sure age has mellowed her somewhat. Come on Alea, pleeese, for your sister?"

Alea crossed her arms, "No."

"Ugh, ok, FINE, how much?" Annabel took out her pocket book.

"What are you doing", Alea asked, looking at her sister's actions.

"What does it look like silly, bribing you. I am desperate girl. How much? How about $50 for what, 15 minutes work?"

"Fifty, to deal with HER wrath? No WAY, NOT worth it."

"Shit, fine, $100 then, and that's ALL your getting; I'm already poor from buying that damn thing." Annabel pulled out some money. She always kept about $200 in loose cash on her just in case her various cards did not work for some reason. Besides, money talked, ALWAYS.

Alea thought it over for a minute, staring first at Annabel, then at the money in her sister's hand. "Ugh, damn it, FINE, I'll do it, but I want the cash up front."

"Yeah, right!" Annabel shook her head no. "Half now," handing Alea $50, "the other half when the deed is done and the package is in my possession. Oh don't give me that look sis, it's fair."

Taking the money from Annabel, Alea tucked it in a pocket. "Well we better go now before Adora opens those packages. I'll go get ready, give me 5 minutes."

"Thanks sis", Annabel called up as Alea went back up stairs to get what she needed; "You won't regret this."

"I do already!" Alea said, her voice muffled by distance and the floor.

Annabel heard the backpack unzip and Selene poked her head out. "Are you KIDDING? HOW could you lose it you blonde ditz? You were supposed to be WATCHING for it; and now we need to involve HER to get it back? By the TWELVE, can this situation get any MORE fucked up?"

"Look, it will be fine. With Alea's help I'll get the thing back fast enough, you'll see."

"The ONLY thing I'll probably see", Selene pointed out, "is my idiot of a mistress screw up AGAIN, somehow."

"I will not...shit, she's coming back, get down." Annabel quickly zipped up the pack as Alea came back down now dressed for travel. "Ok, ready, lets go sis and have that cash ready cause it's as good as mine."

"Thank you Alea for helping," Annabel said in an uncharacteristic manner. This surprised Alea, but she said nothing to comment on it. "Sure, I had nothing else to do anyway, so at least it's a chance to get out of the house."

Leaving the house, the two Ashcroft sisters went to Annabel's car and got in. Annabel made a face when she saw that the sparkles from Selene were STILL there in the passenger's seat, and Alea had now sat in them. Damn it, she had forgotten about that. She really hoped they would not get on Alea too much. Well, maybe she wouldn't notice, and it might get the seat clean too....

Jesus, first that book and now her sister, and it was only 11:00 in the morning. Would there ever be a day that was NOT hell for her while that fairy was with her? Honestly, Annabel didn't think so...

continued: part 3

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Annabel Ashcroft

Faerie (Aether)

Looking back at all the blog entries for Modern Girl, this is the highest viewed one yet and I would REALLY like to know why

Seriously, I really would like to know what is appealing to people for this to have such high views.

I know probably no one is going to tell me, (people rarely do), but some feedback on why you like it would be helpful.

After all, it's just a silly story about a ditzy blonde who gets stuck bonded to a fairy and a magic book, and has a series of misadventures together.
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