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4 years and 700 of these nutty things now!

With my 4 year Anniversary, I have reached 700 blog posts on the Lodestone. Wow, how time flies, right?

Yeah, despite the changes here I still keep popping them out, (to my many Annabel haters regret! LOL) But even though I may slack off a bit and not post anything for a while due to various reasons, rest assure something usually lures me back to post again.

After all these years and posts, I have my fans, my haters, and my many memories of the posts I have made and the comments they have spawned. Whether it was my story and letter blogs, my guide blogs, or my ranting blogs that brought the most attention to people, I could not tell you. (probably the ranting! ;p ) All I know is that little by little I built up a small bunch of followers, managed to meet some in the game itself, and even created a cross-world linkshell on Aether to stay in touch with them and get together to run stuff.

And I have my silly, sometimes opinionated blogs to thank for that.

So I thank the people who DO read my stuff and write insightful comments on them, which allow me to comment on their comments. I try to give you all interesting stuff to want to read and as long as I continue to be interested in the game I hope to continue posting more in the future.

(After all, the haters STILL tend to want to read my stuff! ;-) )

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