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Annabel's REAL life stuff: Christmas morning.


Some pictures from Christmas morning at my house.

Nice fire blazing in the hearth at 6 am.

Christmas presents under the tree before they got torn into. (ok, yes, it IS a small tree. ;p )

And the biggest surprise on Christmas morning, we ACTUALLY had a White Christmas, YAY!

Yeah, yeah, I know, only the grass is covered, but I'll TAKE it! ;p It still looks nice and Christmasy. ;-)
Honestly, since it was in the high 50's and raining yesterday, it's a small miracle that we actually got snow. Thank you artic blast which made it 20 degrees in the early morning! ;p

All in all it's been a nice and pleasant Christmas. Got to enjoy it at home with family. Son was REALLY excited to see what Santa had left him. And I can't wait to try out MY new toy, when I can get a chance to use the Series X; turkey is cooking now as I write this, so can't really play anything.

Merry Christmas, and I hope you all are enjoying the day however you desire, with family or by yourself doing what you enjoy most.

Ugh, I will NOT enjoy gaining all the holiday weight though, ate WAY too many cinnamon rolls this morning! Bleh!

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Mahdi Draaken

Faerie (Aether)

glad it was enjoyable!
all the best!
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