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Annabel's Musings: When old content is still hard


Old content getting harder, that's kind of a lie right? How can old stuff possibly be harder, especially when you are over geared and your Ilevel is higher?

But yes people, I have been finding out this is VERY true. Over the weekend, 70 content that I have been trying to run has been met with failure multiple times. Why is this?

First off, the ones that failed......

The first was the last boss of the burn, the dragon. We tried three times and each time was a wipe. Hell, on the last attempt, EVERYONE got frozen and died horribly. It was pretty obvious it was NOT going to happen and Aria and I left, giving up and not getting the roulette bonus.

The second was Alpha 3, the fat looking Omega. I think I had seen this thing once or twice and many others commented that it had been a LONG time since they had done it. Now Alpha 4 is not that bad, so 3 should be not too hard, right? WRONG!

This thing was a cheating BITCH! I mean SERIOUSLY! I have never seen such fast AOE's in any other boss I have fought, they were like 1 second casting. Yeah, we died, died, and died again, eventually wiping. We tried three times to do it, but eventually a vote was given to give up and we left.

Even in some of the other 70 dungeons there have been struggles with bosses with a wipe occasionally. Oh, and the normal 70 primals, but with those there are only wipes once in a while.

Ok, so once again, WHY is this? WHY so much trouble?

Well, the first thing is simply forgetfulness. It can be a LONG time since someone did the instance and the mechanics are simply forgotten. See, even though it is a 70 instance, mechanics are STILL in effect, no 'burning' the boss per say, so people need to do things right or get into trouble.

Back when the 70 stuff was part of the expert roulette and people were farming Omega, people were used to the mechanics and easily knew what to do. But now, since it's all old content now and part of a much larger roulette, one may never SEE these instances for months!

Take Alpha 3 for instance. It is one of 28 instances that may come up in 8 man, so the odds of seeing it are low and it might be a long time before you do again. This means things are forgotten and mistakes are easily made. Multiply this by most of the party and wipes happen.

This is honestly the main reason why people have trouble with older stuff. Of course there are others. Some fights are just REALLY hard to begin with. Look at Alex 11 and 12. Even now with 80 gear, those 60 level fights can STILL cause wipes if people mess up or bad luck happens. That transforming robot is just an annoying bastard, and can snatch victory right from your grasp at the very end if one is not careful. And that time stopping robot? Yeah.......cheater!

Also, of course you are going to get people who are first timers. This is not usually much of a problem though unless they are a healer or tank, then it can cause issues if the fight is still unusually hard. Otherwise, they can be carried by more skilled and knowledgeable players, ressing when they die and giving advice on what is needs to be done.

So what can one do? Just hope you and others in your party actually remember how to do stuff properly? Pretty much. ;p

Failing that, one can hope that there is someone in the party willing to explain things when people are forgetting what to do. Otherwise, the run is going to be a struggle and victory might not be assured. Usually though, the fight is not so bad that people can muddle through it with only some difficulty.

So yeah, just because that instance is lower and old does not mean it's going to be an easy time, you just might be in it for a good 15+ minutes if you are stubborn. ;-)

Comments (2)

Esper Eidolon

Diabolos (Crystal)

People tend to be willing to teach. I was in the bunny girl primal raid a few weeks ago tbh and we did not clear but l got a lot of experience for the fight. But, the fact that everyone was pretty cool about failure was a big stress relief yus yus

Kahori Harukawa

Coeurl (Crystal)

Just follow where everyone else is going and don't be squished.
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