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Annabel's Musings: Getting good.


I sometimes get people saying somewhat to the fact; "to get good, you need to practice and learn what your skills do, especially the higher level ones. The more you use them, the better you will understand them and be a better player."

But I realized that the people saying this stuff are people who run a LOT of high end content for various reasons, whether it be raiding, farming, challenge, etc. I am talking tens to hundreds of instances of high end stuff over and over. Of course, when you DO that level of stuff, of COURSE you are going to learn the abilities and get good and comfortable with them.

Saying all this, I have realized that I don't DO a lot of high level content. In fact, except for getting it cleared, it is VERY rare I am in anything high level unless it is on purpose.

I don't savage raid
I don't farm mounts in EX stuff
I don't farm armor or weapons in trials or raids.
I don't farm high dungeons for anything.
I don't do WT stuff.

Since I don't normally DO any of that stuff, there is no chance to really practice the high level abilities because I rarely encounter anything that REQUIRES me to use them unless a roulette puts me there; and ONLY if I use a high level character.

Of course there are other ways to get the higher tomestones such as MSQ roulette and PVP if I really need some. Even the normal roulettes, what are the chances of getting a higher end dungeon where 70+ abilities can be used? Not too much, usually it will be a lower one, under 70.

I say I don't do end game stuff except for completion, but there ARE exceptions if I so choose. IE: Eureka. That is actually the only current end game content I ever did. Did I get good and learn the abilities? Eh, somewhat I guess, but as people know, Eureka was a bit different than the main game. Death came easier and you were in larger groups a lot of the time, not the four man stuff. I also sometimes get in the mood TO do ex stuff, but it's still kind of rare and mainly for just a clear. Out of the 70 primals, I only ever cleared two properly when you could not unsync them, and those were the easy ones.

So what is the point of this? I don't know, making excuses I guess. I just wanted to show that my play style does not invite much practice of 'getting gud' since I don't usually seek out much of the end game content beyond clearing it.

I guess I will continue to be sucky Annabel, running around clueless and never using stuff properly like I am supposed to. But people STILL like me, ditz and all! ;-)

ps: Ugh, speaking of high end stuff, as I am writing this, I STILL need to get the first 4 Eden raids and the first 24 man raid cleared. I'll get it done soon to have it done.

Comments (5)

Seychelle Boutique

Hyperion (Primal)

I forced myself to do the new 24 man yesterday...I feel like, its always going to be here I can always do it later.

Bear Ironfist

Faerie (Aether)

There is another factor we don't often talk about. Some players are simply more skilled at the game than others. Some, despite all the time they put into the game, still struggle, and there are others who are just good at the game and pick it up really quickly.

Annabel Ashcroft

Faerie (Aether)

Yes, yes, YES Ronove! It's TRUE! Some just DON'T get it and are NOT skilled at playing some games no matter HOW much they try.....cough cough.....Nier.......Stupid Mahdi platinuming it...grrrrr.

It's like photography and me. I REALLY suck at it and no matter how much I practice doing it, I just REALLY suck at taking pics. I just can't get it.

Bear Ironfist

Faerie (Aether)

I'm good at RPGs and fighters, but put me in a fps and I can't hit a stationary target 3 feet in front of me, no matter how much I play.

Mahdi Draaken

Faerie (Aether)

my ears are burning....oh, hello!
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