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Modern Girl: Call me, Maybe? Chapter 2 part 3


Part 3

Annabel scoffed, "oh please, I'm sure it's not THAT bad and now you can help me out. Come here and read this list; then fly around, find all the books, and mark them so I can collect them."

"Is THAT all," Selene grumbled, "wow, your laziness knows no bounds Annabel." Sighing, she flew over and looked at the list Annabel showed her, then pointed to the Grimoire. "There's one. Hey, you're right, it IS easy!"

Annabel gave Selene an annoyed look, "Ha ha wise ass, I mean the OTHER four, come on get sparkling." She made a shooing motion with her hand.

"I don't know WHY I am doing this.....lazy fat ass blonde ditz....."

Selene zipped from one bookcase to another and soon four books were highlighted with the fairy's sparkles. Annabel was surprised at the speed at which it had been done, for all Selene's bitching the thing was very efficient in her work. Soon Selene was hovering in front of Annabel, bitchy look still on her small face. "There you go deary, don't hurt yourself doing ACTUAL exercise to get them."

Annabel looked down at her toned body, working out was one of the few things she did not slack on. "Really? Come on now, I bet I'm in WAY better shape then any of those, what did you call them,....scholars, you served in the past. I'll show you....."

Standing up from where she was sitting, Annabel quickly went from one bookcase to another, not quite running, being in heels and all, but still managing to collect all four of the musty tomes in one go. She was glad they were not too heavy, she did not want to show Selene any weakness. Plopping the books on the desk beside the grimoire, the beautiful blonde gave the fairy a satisfied smirk. "See, no problem."

"You know, it would have been more impressive if, actually looked for them YOURSELF!"

"And we would probably STILL be here doing it if I was", Annabel pointed out. She looked the books over, "so this is them, they kind of look like the other one."

"No kidding," Selene said, "I don't know what they are exactly without looking in them, but they all glow, which actually made it easy to find them."

"Hmmmm", Annabel said thoughtfully, "why would Adora want 'magic' books? I wonder if she knows", she waved a hand in dismissal, "That's silly, probably not. Now, how the hell am I going to carry all these things there?"

"Um oh unobservant one, maybe that." Selene flew over to a handled crate with a note attached that had been sitting on a table near the door. Giving Selene a glare, Annabel walked over to it and read the note:

Yes dear, I DID think of everything. Put them in here and don't complain about having to carry it. I know perfectly well you exercise Annabel and are more than capable of handling this. I will see you tonight, DON'T be late!


Annabel threw down the note. "Ooooo she REALLY pisses me off sometimes Miss 'I think of of everything.' And NO Adora, I am NOT going to be late, I got a whole..." she looked at the clock...."DAMN IT, did I take THAT long?"

Rushing back up, she closed the Grimoire, grabbed all five books, and rushed back down with a speed that astonished Selene. It seemed that this blonde ditz could REALLY move when she was motivated. She watched as Annabel hastily put all 5 books into the crate, then sealed it with the top. Grabbing the handles, she picked it up with a little effort and lugged it to the door, beckoning to the fairy with her head.

"Come on, get in my hair, I still need to get dressed. Ugh, I will never hear the END of it from her if I am late.....Come ON!"

"Ok, ok, sheesh, not MY fault you lost track of time." Fluttering over, Selene set herself down into Ananbel's hair as the young woman stopped to set the crate by the front door. Then she rushed up the main staircase, causing the fairy to hang on for dear life making Annabel yelp in surprise at the tugging of her hair. "HEY, watch it!", Annabel yelled. Selene just made a sound with her tongue in response.

They soon found themselves in Annabel's room, a surprisingly large, not to mention clean place, though Selene highly suspected it was because of the servants here. Pink was the dominant color with white, lavender, and purple accenting it. Annabel went over to a pair of double doors and opened it revealing a closet full of clothes of all kinds. Selene had never seen so many different kinds of human garments, just what did she DO with them all?

Moving to where the dresses were, Annabel shifted them, then removed one from the rack. It was black, sleeveless, with a jewel neckline and a slim profile ending in a flared skirt slightly above the knee. A sash of rose pink in the middle broke up the solid black of the dress giving it some color.

Annabel nodded, "this should do, tasteful but not TOO....well, partyish. I'll still probably be the hottest one in the room with all those snooty intellectual types."

"Wow, you DO think a LOT of yourself, don't you? Selene commented.

"Um, Selene sweety, look at me, am I NOT the prettiest human you have ever been with?"

"Well, considering most of the people I have been with have either been old, scrawny, lacking in hygiene, or wayyyy too into learning, that ain't saying much. You're actually only the third female I have met, most of the time I get stuck with males."

"Really?" Annabel asked as she continued to grab accessories, "what were they like?"

"Nothing like you, I'll tell you that. They cared more about...well learning then looking pretty."

"Their loss then," Annabel said as she quickly undressed, changed her undergarments, then slipped on some coffee colored pantyhose, a black shift went on soon after. "There is NOTHING wrong with being pretty, it opens up a lot of doors for me."

"Oh?" Selene, out of Annabel's hair for the moment, hovered nearby as she watched the woman dress. "Can't say I know with the company those books, you know, attract. Pretty or fashionable is NOT a job requirement for scholars."

"Well then, YOU are in for a treat Selene," Annabel moved to zip up her dress, then went to her full length mirror to adjust it, making sure everything was correct. "It's a whole different world, filled with fun, socializing, and....well everything that ISN'T books." Satisfied with how she looked, Annabel padded across the room in her stocking feet to her makeup table and sat down to fix up her hair and face.

"And THAT'S why we are about to go to a social gathering with um......books..." Selene let that trail off.

"Ooooo, don't MAKE me throw this brush at you bug." Annabel brushed out her hair till it gleamed, then pinned it up. She did it surprisingly fast; Annabel was good at few things, but making herself look good efficiently was one of them. The makeup soon followed, "this is NOT something I normally do. I just got suckered into it by my sister. It's a one time thing only."

"So you say oh painted mistress," Selene hovered closer for a better look at Annabel. "Boy, you DO put a lot of that stuff on, don't you."

"I do NOT", Annabel said incredulously. "Like you would know, Miss, 'only known three women'. There is an art to this and I am good at it. Besides, with a face like this, I barely need to use any....there." She gazed at her efforts in the mirror, looking it up and down. Annabel nodded in satisfaction, "good as always, now where are they?"

Digging around in her jewelry box, she picked out a pair of gold bracelets and rings and slipped them on. Finished, Annabel went to her shoe rack, picked out a pair of black 3 inch heeled pumps and slipped them on her feet. She stopped again at the mirror to admire the finished product. "Damn I look good, those book nerds will be drooling."

Selene sighed, "for someone running late, you sure took a LONG time doing that."

"I did NOT, see", Annabel pointed at the clock, I have a good FIVE minutes before we need to get out of here. Oh," she exclaimed, stopping, "Crap, forgot something." Moving to her purse, she fished out her butterfly broach, the 'inducer' that had caused all the mess she found herself in. Annabel looked at it dubiously then pinned it to her dress just above her left breast. "There, now I'm all ready, the thing's just too pretty not to use."

"Honestly, I don't know why they made the thing so gaudy in the first place", Selene said. "It's not like Scholars actually care about that stuff."

Annabel just shrugged, "maybe to attract me, who knows." She pointed to her coiffed hair; "Ok Selene, settle in, and make yourself look like you fit there."

Selene just rolled her eyes, "yay, once again I get to be jewelry, what I wonderful life I lead."

"Hey, YOU suggested this, NOT me. I wanted you in the bag. Oh speaking of which," Annabel went over and grabbed a stylish handbag, then transferred some things from her purse to it.

Selene made a raspberry sound, "Fat chance of that happening. Like I said, NO sudden moves or you will have a LOT of explaining to do."

"Yeah, yeah", so you told me a million..." Just then the clock stuck 6, Annabel looked up, "Ok, times up, lets go."

Going down at a hurried pace but not too fast as to upset Selene, Annabel reached the coat closet, grabbed a pink half length trench coat, slipped it on, and stuffed her wallet in a pocket. She then grabbed both the keys to her car and the crate. Annabel looked around, hoping she had not forgotten anything.

"Ok bug, we are outta here. God, I hope this gathering won't be a disaster or at the very least a REAL snooze fest."

"With what I've seen of you so far Blondie, I expect dull to be the last thing to expect."

"Hmmmmm," Annabel looked somewhat confused, "I don't know if that is a good thing, is it?"

Selene just grinned, "yep, definitely NOT going to be dull".....

Comments (5)

Siglinde Skysworn

Sargatanas (Aether)

I wouldn't be surprised if Adora's calculations took into account Annabel losing track of time and provided a safety margin for that!

So, it seems things are setting up the party, and this issue is mainly interactions between Annabel and Selene. Interestingly, in a lot of these kinds of stories, the main character is bookish and unpopular, or at least a little nerdy, e.g. Twilight Sparkle. Annabel is a bit of a subversion as she quite openly hates books and liked being fawned over, lol.

Siglinde Skysworn

Sargatanas (Aether)

It's obvious that something will happen at the party, the question is what will it be? I predict Annabel will meet an Evil, Bitchy Rival at the party who makes some disparaging comment about the inducer she wears and pisses off Annabel, Selene or both. Or does something classic that girl bullies in movies do, like pouring drinks over Annabel's fabulous dress and setting off the inducer. Annabel's magically inclined family will swoop in to fix things and explain her magic to her!

Annabel Ashcroft

Faerie (Aether)

A certain person, who keeps bugging me to use her, MAY show up at said party, we'll see.

Twilight Sparkle? OMG, Brony!

But I might get the urge to do a 'Mean Girls' thing, one NEVER knows! ;p
If you watch the Sabrina series on Netflix, they have those 3 snooty bitchy witches. Something like that might work.

Arturia Crossroads

Faerie (Aether)

Oh I know you're going to put me in sooner or later :D
The only real question I have is if I'll be a rival or friend

Siglinde Skysworn

Sargatanas (Aether)

I am not a brony but it's hard not to know about these things when your students tell you about them incessantly! (Sadly, Netflix does not serve my country. You Americans are so lucky to have such services.)

I am placing bets: Aria will be the Herminone to Annabel's Harry. That is, the super knowledgable one whom Annabel keeps begging for help when it's needed, muhaha!
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