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My Stairway To Heaven.....


Where do I even begin.....

It took a great deal longer than I originally thought but I finally made it to Heavensward.

The sheer amount of things I have been through to get here is dizzying honestly; traveling the road the 'right way' staying in line with the story where ever possible. It had taken me to the coils of Bahamut and against the God of Dragons himself.

So much at once, so many trials and tribulations; Pain, Loss, Love, Triumph, Failure, Sorrow, Tears, and Rage. The friends no longer on the journey with us, and the new faces along the way.

As soon as I entered Heavensward I learned all three of the new classes/jobs and leveled them to meet all the others at level 50.

Shadows, Stars, and Lots of Bullets. I Appove.

I had a lot of help along the way; my deepest thanks to my friends Rain, Leva, and Lia for always being able to lend a hand to help me push through the barriers I simply could not do alone. You three are amazing, always know that.

Heavensward has come at me in full force, and it has been a struggle to gain my bearings but I feel that I am finally finding my ground.

......I still hate Sawfish.
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