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Housing Savage

Note: I find myself wanting to express my opinions on several topics and I think this is the place torrid. to be. My opinions are personal thoughts (and are not a critique), which I am not claiming to be right nor wrong. I am not expecting comments, otherwise I would have went to the official forum. In the event that there would be, I honor and respect everybody else’s opinion, though I’d prefer a healthy conversation over that of a heated debate.

Some Current Opinion(s):
Some FFXIV players believe that the best solution for the housing crisis is instanced housing, some believes housing with lots should only be for free companies.

Rasler’s Opinion:
FFXIV is my very first MMORPG. I didn’t know when I started that housing is such a staple in this genre, hence, I was so confused as to the immense outcry about the housing situation. I wasn’t even planning to buy my own house. I just don’t have the patience to decorate. I also found the decorating process in PS4 as not user-friendly.

I do have a house, a small one, in Shirogane. I bought it just so there could be at least a single positive result for my FC’s attempt to relocate in Shirogane. I was the first in the FC to enter the game during that one famous Shirogane Savage patch day, at around 240+ in queue. Not early enough to get a large house. So, the FC encouraged me to get my own house instead since I was already there, as there were still lots available. I decorated the exterior, but the interior remains a storage until today. I locked it so nobody can enter. I do have tenants.

The neighborhood feeling is nice in concept but not in actual implementation. I rarely see people in my neighborhood. If the intention has failed you might as well just implement instanced housing.

It may also help, that along the MSQ, the player is granted a house, one that can be decorated, and obviously instanced. This way, every player can be happy and you might be able to retain and allocate the neighborhood housing just for FCs.
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Annabel Ashcroft

Faerie (Aether)

Yes, the truth of the matter of this is that people really only care about this because:

A. Fc's really need a building to establish themselves.
B. People always want they don't and can't have.

For the majority of the community, houses are boring. it's only a small percentage that truly love dealing with them. The rest get one, mess with it a little, then just ignore and forget about it out of boredom.

It's why demolition worked, and taking it away keeps the land from others who want it.
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