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Ranking Shadowbringer's extreme trials (5.4)

Decided to go back and update this blog since we got a couple new trials.
Feel free to agree or disagree, I just ranked them according to my opinion.

7. Innocence (The Crown of the Immaculate)

Honestly, the extreme version seems like a downgrade from the normal version. We don't get Vauthry's fabulous transformation midway like the normal version and instead start off with his angel form right out the gate. There's not much to this trial either, the spinning circle lines are easy to avoid and the stars are easy to deal with. There's a couple tank swaps too. This trial is probably the easiest extreme out of them all (but maybe it's just because I've done this 99 times). But it is incredibly flashy and the music is pretty nice as well as the voice acting. Moving on....

6. Titania (The Dancing Plague)

Fla la la, I'm not gonna lie the boss theme is incredibly catchy and I can never seem to get it out of my head. The fight itself is pretty easy, it has a couple differences from the normal version here and there but it's still very similar to the normal fight. It is harder then innocence but you can still wing it with some knowledge of the fight.

5. Varis yae Galvus (Memoria Misera)

The emperor strikes back. His extreme is a wonderous surprise, even though he died way back in 5.0, he returns to haunt poor Cid's dreams. I honestly love this fight, the animations are pretty cool, there's always something happening to keep you on your toes. The cutscene is short and doesn't last too long. It does feel as though they took the Zenos fight from the dungeon Ala Mhigo, and turned into trial, which isn't a bad thing because the Zenos fight was easily the best part of that dungeon and I always wanted it to last longer.
I do wish he had his own theme rather then the generic shadowbringer's boss theme and voice acting would have been the icing on the cake.

4. Emerald Weapon / Gaius van Baelsar & Company (Castrum Marinum)

The black wolf stalks again. Yet another ultima weapon, the mechanics are relatively easy, some mechanics from normal have been taken out (like the "hand orbs"). Phase 1 isn't so exciting (and isn't underwater like the FF7 version), but the transition into phase 2, and the music, the music is soooooo damn good!
Phase 2 is where the fight really is, swords does seem difficult at first but once you learn the patterns they're easy to do. Gaius also makes his appearance, as well as his entire army. Fortunately there's no trash mobs, and you simply have to avoid their bombardment attacks, which can be a little tricky since it's always so random. Did I forget to mention the music? the music leading up to enrage really makes thing tense, I just love the music for phase 2 so much.

3. Warrior of Light (Seat of Sacrifice)

The conclusive fight for Shadowbringers pits you the Warrior of Light against Elidibus also a Warrior of Light. The music is pretty damn good, however the extreme version removes the phase where you are trapped in another dimension, there's no Emet in extreme either which is quite disappointing. But aside from that the extreme is pretty fun, even though the mechanics are quite basic, it's pretty satisfying when you get them right, especially quadruple cast where he casts a bunch of spells consecutively. The voice acting is pretty good, and there's some interesting interactions like using limit break at certain times will cause him to use hallowed ground and make himself immune to damage for a short time!

2. Ruby Weapon / Nael van Darnus & Dalamund (Cinder Drift)

The superboss from FF7 returns, I absolutely love his redesign and his attacks are pretty cool (animation wise and the sounds effects) like Flexiclaw and Ravensflight. But the transition to Nael is so long, the cutscene is cool to watch once and it's such an interesting plot twist. But having to wipe everytime gets annoying really quickly. Oh did I forgot to mention Nael returns? as if we haven't had enough him, for better or for worse the mechanics of the Nael fight feels pretty easy to deal with compared to his boss fight in the coils (apart from the add phase, things can get really messy during then). The weapons that drop from this trial also look really good, I love how distinct they from other weapon trials. The music is pretty awesome as well, the remix of ultima by the primals is a bop and Nael's theme is epic too. I'd have put this as #1 but there's one trial that takes the cake...

1. Hades (The Minstrel's Ballad: Hades's Elegy)

Hands down, hades is one of the best trials in the game. The trials feels exactly like what a final fantasy boss should be like.
The music is absolutely godlike, it starts off slow in the first phase and by the time you reach the final phase it reaches a crescendo, the climax of the battle, it's truely exhilarating and defintely makes it one of the most memorable boss battles.
Although this trial feels more like savage trial then a extreme, there's quite few difficult mechanics, multiple "mini-bosses", but it's still my favorite trial in shadowbringers so far.
The voice acting, the music, the stage changing between phases, it all comes together so well.

?. Diamond Weapon (???)

Another superweapon from FF7, a colossal magitek monster this time fused with Zenos. What could possibly go wrong? Well who knows until the next patch when this bad boy drops!
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Annabel Ashcroft

Faerie (Aether)

I was very surprised at how easy innocence was. I watched a guide real quick and was able to clear it in 2 attempts, the 2nd without dying at all. And remember who's saying this, ditzy blonde Annabel! ;-)

I love the Titania fight, it's just fun to do and not too demanding. 3rd part can be tricky with the overlapping spells.

Memoria will always hold a place in my heart as the first EX trial I was able to clear that was current.

Hades I will probably never do, I don't like the normal version
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