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Do you NEED an FC?

Hello Everyone, I wanted to ask a simple question:
Do you NEED an FC? What are the benefits? Who Profits from members joining? What made YOU join a FC?

Spurred by the posts that pop up here on occasion, and by my own experience I thought I'd dive into my questions a bit.

Do you NEED an FC?: Simple answer, No. You may argue that the "FC Buffs are very helpful". Yes they are, however leveling your Grand Company squadron can gain you the same if not more powerful buffs ( FC purchased buffs). What if you are NOT high level and just starting the game, boy those buffs would sure come in handy yes? They would, however between eating food, wearing specific enhanced gear and accessories, and in some cases a "Preferred World buff" could more than suffice to assist leveling.

What are the benefits then?So of course FC buffs are a nice benefit to joining a FC. What other benefits? You get a nifty tag by your name, I guess that's cool? Your FC MAY allow you to activate the FC buffs when they expired..if your lucky. Your FC MAY have a FC house, and that could potentially be a huge benefit if it has the following:
-Crafting stations to leveling up crafting up to a set level.
-IF implemented, vendors that offer some great items for crafting.
-Chocobo Stables to Slowly level up your Chocobo, and in-turn help level up others for good karma as well as a little achievement.
-Place to jump around on things, and attempt to climb all over the roof, or whatever you want to climb on.
-If you like quiet, maybe it would offer an nice quiet space to do whatever it is you want to do in serenity.
-For the amount of 300,000 GIL you can have your own room. Which is nice, decorate how you like, place two vendors if you like, retainer bell ect. So that part can be nice on crowded servers were personal housing is a difficult find.
-Striking dummies, and FC mates to "nudge you" as to a rotation you should be trying? Hmm that's prob reaching...but I'll list it anyhow.
-Social interaction..well this is MAYBE about 30 percent of FC's, and even then they normally just talk to a clique group. BUT, in THEORY it would be a SIGNIFICANT reason to join a fc yes?

Who Profits from members joining?
Well again in theory the entire group does. However, I have experienced multiple cases were the upper Echelon are the only benefactors of new FC members. More credits for their FC, less they use on buffs, and in some cases request the members assist with upgrades or purchases ( housing / vendor additions ect) Hmm..

What made YOU join a FC?
So the true question is posed, and pondered. For me personally it was to be part of something, and oddly enough work my way through the ranks to a higher level. Well over the course of the many years of playing this game, multitudes of FC's later and their corresponding Leaders I came to the conclusion that my OWN FC was the choice for me. It does come with greater responsibility than you can expect, but the benefits far outweighs the negatives. People come, people stop playing, some go, some come back, but those that stick it out make this game infinity better. But that is my experience, what's yours?

With so much potential for frustration and disappointment what about joining a FC keeps you searching?
Have you found your unicorn FC? What was it about that FC that felt..right.
Or have you just given up? What was your last straw?
Comments (10)

Annabel Ashcroft

Faerie (Aether)

Oooo, pretty colors! ;p

What made me join my FC? One word, Aria.

I saw her, talked to her some about her outfit, saw that her FC was recruiting and joined.
Been with them ever since. Been happy for the most part, but not too many come on anymore.

Mahdi wants me to join his group and maybe one day I will if Aria leaves or this one falls apart. I've done things with his FC mates and they are a very nice group.

Esper Eidolon

Diabolos (Crystal)

I just did not want to be alone, and for a long time on Diabolos I was. So I adventured to another server with Mahdi and the VII fc. It’s been a lot of fun the past few years with cowboys and girls coming and going, but we still have a lot of fun all of us yus yus

Lolo Menehune

Siren (Aether)

@Anna I'm all about the colors :D And you are one of the fortunate, found a wonderful FC, have a secondary wonderful FC in case things would change.

@Esppyy I can understand that. There is nothing appealing about logging in each day to a dead, quiet, FC. Although many FC's will experience this scenario it doesn't make it any fun as a member to be met with silence each time you log in. I'm happy you too found a wonderful FC to join!

Mahdi Draaken

Faerie (Aether)

truthfully, ive never been in any FC other than the one i started back in the Games infancy. It started as a company that me, and my few IRL friends who played could call our own.... 6 years later and i am still here, but as esper has said..ive seen peeps come and go..some for the better ...some i still miss dearly.
But i will agree, this game is soooo much better when you have a grp of friends to adventure with!

Tifka Stormmoon

Siren (Aether)

I'd be happy to not have one - but not having one tends to attract unwanted attention and annoying random invites.

So in the end, I picked a quiet one with at least one person I greatly respect and sent them a humorous application.

It quieted the invites, but I left the game before I got to know everybody.

I came back, found an old friend trying to get him to join his, but decided to stay where I'm at for the time being. I'm not sure what I want right now, but I'm in no hurry to leave.

Juniper Stormmoon

Siren (Aether)

I've never liked random groups, not in twenty years. I join hoping to make friends, but it's really only worked out that way once.

Yoru Kuro

Phoenix (Light)

I did join a first FC just to experience it, I let know to the FC owner I will leave one day from the start.

Then I founded a FC with two friends. We accept people but we do not recruit intensively. People are free to join and does not need to provide anything to the FC but good mood.
I was ask to join other FC or to leave mine for various reason. But my FC is my Eorsean familly so I will not leave it.

Yoru Kuro

Phoenix (Light)

I think you should never join a group that impose you something.

Obviously if you join a savage static you need to provide skills to clear savage, it is part of the purpose of the group.

Lolo Menehune

Siren (Aether)

Welcome back tikka! It's good to see you are back : )
Jun, it's honestly a leap of faith. Gathering a pot of various personalites and opinions and making something that congeals is NO small task. BUT when it works, it works beyond words.
Yoru, once you have a group that is like a (good ) family this game exponentially gets better.

Reki Asada

Siren (Aether)

Reporting back for duty sir! xD
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