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FC Recruiting

SO I've been working my Arse off and not had as much time to post things as I'd like. I know, Boowhoo me. SOoooO I figured I'd jump on the current bandwagon and Start a Thread recruiting New FC Members! Here WE GO!

No Ka' Oi is opening up our doors for new Recruits!

What Server? Siren

Do you have a Mansion? NOPE, we fired err.."Down Sized" the servents..I mean "Hired Help" to allocate our Grog and Glam funds toward a Mansion. Our Medium is sufficient, BUT we could use more hands to clean as it is...

What Makes you different than every other FC? Well I'm glad you asked! I'm from Hawaii, our Name is Hawaiian so there's that.
We have ships and submarines. Crafting stations, Repair Stations, Beds for "RESTING", and plots to toil the soil should you pocess a green thumb. But what I'm most proud of is the Front door. Yes, it opens to allow you in, and opens to let you out. I especially lubricate the hinges to swing outward should a member find themselves unhappy with my leadership : )

Can I activate FC buffs, my last FC never allowed them to be activated! Why yes you can! Activate away, enjoy our company credit purchased Buffs at your Disposal.

Do you have any free things we get for joining? Yes, lots and lots of spaming hugssssss. Need you need anything else!

Will you be like every other FC that promises to run things with me and never does? That depends, will you be quiet and say absolutely NOTHING when we ask if anyone needs help? Will you be "THAT PERSON" that suddenly logs off, or slinks quietly into silence when we ask for YOUR help?

Does your FC ever run fun things? YES we do! We love running AV, synched, Bardam's Mettle in Shire Tanking or Healer Gear with randoms. And of course everyone's fav..MOVIE TIME staring MSQ ROULT!! B)

Is there room for advancement? YES! We are always looking for a lead "Enviroment Services Manager". You will be charged with cleaning of the chickens area, spreading their "LOVE" to the nearby planting plots, periodic dusting of all the areas I've neglected, and on occasion I may require you to double as striking dummy as ours is down for maintenance.

Does your FC have discord? Yes we do! We thinktank ways to not level crafting jobs up, figure out what hair dye Yoshi P uses, and complain about why friday isn't here yet on Saturday.

Can we climb onto the roof of your house? I'd prefer you did not, as my insurance coveraged was reduced to help pay for a new Glam Chest piece. If you try it and you fall, please be prepared to be buried out back where no one will see or hear you over the loud ass water falls.

My other FC Chat was quiet, how will yours be? Depending on the time you log on, some of us are on the west coast, some on the east coast, others are in lala land never to return. So when members are on, you can best believe we all about chopping it up on FC chat!

Does your FC Raid? YES! We raid our refridgerators on a consistant basis

Do you have any members that are mentors? Why yes! We all strive to achieve the Burger King Crown and wear it with pride. We boast to all that will listen how smart we are, really gas up ourselves at the undeniable feat it took to obtain the crown, and yell at sprouts during dungeon time to "Git GuD"

In conclusion, convince me YOUR FC is the one to join! NO, in conclusion if all the above hasn't been enough you clearly aren't ready for Excellence. ADAPT HEALER!

On behalf of No Ka' Oi and all it's members, thank you for considering us, we look forward to your applications!

*This entire post was made in Jest of the Many FC's advertising for new members. If you have an interest in a new FC to join please contact me in-game or leave a comment below.
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Lalli Physalis

Sargatanas (Aether)

10/10 would read again xD Best of luck to you Lolo!

Tifka Stormmoon

Siren (Aether)

I won't lie - when we had a series of events a few months ago that brought big drama to the FC I was in, I was thinking I should head your way if things burned down over here. We got past it and are stronger, but still - there was a week there where I was pondering it in the back of my mind.

Annabel Ashcroft

Faerie (Aether)

I would sooooo abuse your FC if I was there Lolo! I would spend those company credits as if they were water! ;p

Also, eat ALL your buff food, climb your house constantly, and be an ANNOYING pain in the ass in chat.

It has gotten so bad at mine that my DEAR wife and FC leader took me off the list to spend credits and periodically locks me out of the FC house to save the food!

She can't stop me chatting though on the FC channel! ;p

Sometimes she REALLY regrets meeting me. LOL

Lolo Menehune

Siren (Aether)

Thank you Lalli, this was for entertainment purposes :D
Tifka, I'm happy things smoootheddd out with your FC. If anything ever goes sideways yourself and your significant other always have a place with us!
Anna, oh Anna rest asssured the credits are safely secure ; ) Now the ability to fire up buffs would be yours to abuse as you pleased. Just keep in mind, that Enviromental Services Manager is calling your name....
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