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Potential burnout or something else?

I can't quite call it burnout, as it's not happening every day, and it seems to come and go. Like I can go an entire day not knowing what to do, or stop and start random things, yet other days, I can be super-focused and get long and time-consuming tasks done one after the other. For one example of both scenarios;
[*] I would idle for long periods trying to decide what to do, and then in short bursts, get small tasks like gathering and deciphering treasure maps and a bit of crafting done, then repeat for that day.
[*] I could do multiple steps of the one relic, do 20+ runs for mount farming, gather and craft for the FC's current workshop project/s, do several roulettes and gather/craft to make more gil all without idling in-between, except for my self-imposed 10 minute breaks every 45 minutes.

Like I said, doesn't quite seem like burnout to me, and I doubt it's all because of waiting for the next part of the MSQ, as it is affecting me with other games as well. I am only posting this here to see if anyone has any sort of idea what it could be, with that said, I am leaving burnout as a possibility, despite thinking it isn't that. I have had personal issues I'd rather not discuss for some time now, these might also be a contributing factor.

Doing something I don't normally do in this game to possibly alleviate this issue would only leave 6 things, which I don't do for the following reasons;
Savage Raiding: I am not even remotely confident enough in my ability to do this, after trying E1S and not even getting to Fragor Maximus after 20+ tries. If I struggled enough on that, Eden's Verse and Eden's Promise would break me on Savage. I had to do Second Coil and Alexander Savage unsynced to clear them, yet to do Omega Savage at all.
Ultimate Raiding: If Savage is too hard for me, Ultimate is an impossibility. TEA in particular looks like utter chaos.
Doman Mahjong: Long queue times, like absurdly long, it seems Chaos doesn't have an active Mahjong base.
Lord of Verminion: I literally have no idea what I'm doing. It also doesn't really interest me, what I have tried of it didn't really pull me in.
Performance: Again, I have no idea what I'm doing, plus performance anxiety. Doing performance in my house with no audience seems pointless. but doing it in front of others causes a lot of stress.
RP: See the first sentence for Performance.
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