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Aether search

Message sphere 1:
I'm making a recording of my travels and findings in the event I can't get my hands on quill, ink, and paper.

A really bad hyper electric storm passed over rhalgars reach earlier in the day. Since I was stationed there for my work day for the Ironworks, they sent us home. Passage through the Shroud was largely uneventful, but again I felt the aether fade away for a moment, interrupting my teleport spell.

Having this new abundance of time I decided to pearl my wife I was going to the company house for awhile. She sleepily responded and wished me good luck. I traveled there via company chocobo mount and temporarily saddled it in the stable.

I went downstairs. Our house coordinator, K'rina, refurbished it to resemble an eastern training room--dojo I think was the name of it. It was empty, so I got on my knees and began to perform a deep meditation. It has been a long time since I've done this. But it was the best way I could think of to find the answer to a question that's been on my mind for quite a while.

Where is the aether?

As my focus sharpened, I began to trace the ebb and flow of the local aether. A few of our local agents busy at work, Zahn'a lurking about doing things I couldn't comprehend (likely result from his ninja training), the medic ward testing a new magic matrix for field use. Slowly I filtered those things from my awareness and caught ahold of undiluted aether that wasn't being used by anyone.

Patiently, I tapped into it and waited for it to lessen. I wasn't disappointed. Yet at the same time I felt that it shifted every so slightly, but I couldn't sense the direction. So I did a very bold, but incredibly dangerous thing: I let myself get caught up in the aetheric current.

It's relatively simple to do. But the tricky part is being able to come back to yourself afterwards. Stories of adventures and even members of the Scions demonstrate that the are very dire consequences if something were to go wrong-- or even go right.

Not being completely crazy or careless, I left a beacon of my own aether anchored to my physical body so I would have a way back. Then I drifted as one would drift in a pool of water. The receding effect happened again and I went along with it. The sweeping movement carried me along its course and I caught quick glances of other aetheric signatures. The burning wall. People in the township of Drybone. The bustle of Horizon.

Then I caught flashes of unsavory sensation. Combat. Suffering. Death. Massive destruction. Then something strange. Allag signatures within the aether. Then the sensation stopped and I no longer felt moving. I figured this was as far as I needed to travel and decided back. Before doing so, I heard a distant voice and tried to get a bearing on my surroundings. All I could feel was a massive pulse of power and I knew I could identify it once I was in my body again.

The voice was more insistent. When I came back to myself I found Xel waving a hand in front of my face. I was a bit startled. Under normal circumstances I could sense her partial void essence no matter what I was doing. But then again, what I was doing wasn't exactly normal.

We made some brief chit chat and parted ways. I told her some of my plans and invited her to join in. She declined, citing she had some other things to take care of. Which is well. What I could be doing is potentially lethal. I went to my office on site and prepared for my journey.

It was at that point a moogle dropped off a bundle of clothing that I had ordered a while ago. I inspected the content and smiled. Warm weather gear and sturdier boots. Though I asked for a deep blue they sent black. I shrugged, laid my protective spells and enchantments over it, and dressed. Using a new and improved staff I had help making I set out after paying a visit to the bakery for travel rations.

I made my way to Mor Dhora via the ceruleum mines in north thanalan. Yes, the aetheric signature was definitely coming from this region. Traveling through the abandoned castrum still kept me on edge. There were several occasions when Garlean soldiers attempted to reassert itself he but have been pushed back by adventures. The tangle were about the same; mudpuppies and molbors wandered aimlessly but I outraced them on my fleet footed chocobo.

Then I arrived at the frontier town of Mor Dhora. There was a lot of excitement going on. The scions were putting out a reward for exploring the Crystal Tower. Apparently they've been asking for help several months ago. And now things seemed to be in a fever pitch. Someone had figured out a way to re-enter the tower, despite it being sealed some three years or more ago. Hence the call to explore.

I, however, was drawn to another phenomenon. One that very few may have been able to consciously recognize. The destination of the aether flow was the tower itself. According to history, the tower once harnessed energy for the allag empire from our star, but gained too much and caused a calamity. Now aether flows here once again.

I'm bound and determined to find out why. I pray my family will be safe. I don't know how long I may be gone. If I see other members from my company, I shall aide then as best as I can.
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